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Brergrsart is a MUGEN author who created crazy joke chars. His works are made for the MUGEN betting site SpriteClub, and they are stronger than balanced characters, especially in an AI vs. AI match. They are also unknown outside of SpriteClub, so this collection is created to provide them some notability.



Author's Website: It gives some insights about his characters, but I strongly recommend to discover them by yourself, either by downloading the characters or by doing exhibition matches in SpriteClub.  Enjoy!




Yellow: Edited character

Red: Extremely cheap character

/ (Character): Alternate version of a character created by this author



`::fjPLytq.gif       qu88jY2.gif


|| Santos: Link || naM uF gnuKkniL ||







|| !Balrog: Link || Stretchy Limbs: Link || The Bestest Ken In The World: Link || Gweelay : Link ||





|| That Guy: Link || Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Karin (350 MB Warning !): Link || Spin To (He spins a lot faster ingame): Link || Shotoclown: Link ||



1XUWONO.gif  rxL3cc7.gif7JPtrAD.gif8frYvZl.gifXLnN1b6.png


|| Smoke Ninja Zero: Link || The Goenitz 2015 Experience / (Kokodesuka): Link (Link) || How Are You?: Link || Buster: Link || || Fleet of Falling Figures: Link ||



|| Mister Fahrenheit: Link || Fattest TonyLink || Pepsimen (Loud Volume Warning): Link || King of Games, Bitch!: Link || Don't Worry, These Pizzas Are In Good Hands: Link || YOUR SOUL IS MAYAN: Link ||



|| Ridiculous Necromancer Girl (She spaz out like crazy in her standing stance): Link || Homura did (Interpretation) Wrong / (Time Loop Madoka): Link (Link) || Cease and Desist: Link ||




|| RokettotankuLink || Miles Edgeworth: Link || Shalk: Link || True Modano Boy: Link ||





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Brergrsart is probably one of the best MUGEN authors currently making content, in my opinion. His work is really popular on SpriteClub, and I've seen firsthand how much the community on there adores it all. There's so much ridiculous nonsense, personality, and hard work put into what he makes, and he's a really cool guy who's always been more than happy to help other upcoming authors.

Definitely check him out, and keep an eye out for his future projects.

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