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A little history of me and Mugen.

I purchased (literally) Mugen in 2004 from Ebay after not being able to configure the game or find characters. Well that still didn't work out too well for me and i eventually gave up. in 2008 i found the disk again and tried again. I got lucky and got the game running. From on then i started collecting characters and later on, stages. even later than that, i started changing the soundtrack, matching each stage to a song that i felt was best. about a year ago i uploaded what i had, but couldn't squeeze in every character i had. Since then I added more characters, took out characters, added stages and a few new tracks.  I  took my old download down, and was able to upload my full roster and soundtrack (Most music edited by me). 

The complete roster is filled with no room to spare. The Ai of most characters is super hard. Characters were resized. Lots of time was put into this and I hope you guys enjoy it.

this is old school winmugen. and hats off to all the creators. Enjoy.

link in Description. sub for battle request and more videos.

10.4 gigs ziped

18.4 gigs unzipped

if contacting me, its best to reach me on youtube.


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When i start the Winmugen.exe this error message came out


Error message : Can't find file font/qoh_sm ~ 1.fnt
Error loading system data: data/system.def


Any solution


Run On

Windows 10 64 bit


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