[Mutant Fighter/Death Brade] Pon by Cannon Musume [2017/10/06]

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Greaaat release!

Thanks for the information

BTW, he also updated a lot his previous chars in 2017 (not sure at all that it has been mentionned somewhere)...

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Hm, looks like the site is having some problems today.


Anyway, Trivia time!  Pon is also called Hercules in Death Brade/Mutant Fighter.  (Specifically, he's a Hercules named Pon, but the English version took all the names out, leaving just the character classes or species.  Yes, for some reason, "Hercules" is considered a character class and not a name)

For the record, the other characters are named Michael (the Fighter), Cindy (the Amazoness), Boggy (the Werewolf), Shankar (the Minotaur), Bodca (the Golem), Flea (the Beast), Joseph (the Dragon), Charry (the Hydra), Behoroi (the Doppelganger), Pazuzu (the Demon - the only one who kept his name in the US), and Cronus (the Archmage).


I hope someone makes the Dragon some day, but at least there's Pon and Pazuzu for now.

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