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(Byakuya waits, sitting while tapping the ground constantly with his weapons)


Byakuya: (Hmm, sounds like the battle is starting to heat up. I hope they at least get close enough for me to attack)

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Offense Team




Emilia: (So the enemy has deduced our location without forewarning...is this your work, Penelope?)


On 2/8/2018 at 5:17 PM, LightFlare_Da_Realest said:




LightFlare looks at Hugh, Rokurou and Emilia. He cuts his eyes and motions his head toward the rear and suddenly dashes towards the left entrance in the rear...

Emilia sent a sharp glare at him and shook her head, instead diverting her route towards the right flank, expecting the others to divide into their flanks. She gestured for them to execute the plan despite the enemy seemingly being aware of their locations, scanning the field for any signs of a prepared defensive maneuver or members in hiding. If the ranged support performed their duties properly, they could quickly seize the maid during the distraction and escape with a swift victory.



Emilia: (Agni, Ludger, do not let me down...)


Tracking Emilia's Movement:





Defense Team


Penelope did as she was told, and remained near the pod. However, she picked up on the approach of Lightflare.



Penelope: (Aww, why so soon?! Guess I better get ready...)


She closed her eyes, focusing on the individual sources throughout the arena. She didn't need to place a barrier just yet, but the time was approaching quickly. If she was too early, then it was going to be destroyed quickly, and if she did it too late, then they would be protected as well. She hoped her teammates would move to hold them off before they could get within range. She flipped her sword in anticipation, pointing the wooden blade down at the ground.



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Arena Trial 001


Soon, both Pods gave them warnings about the movements from the other team.


Pods: Alert: targets entering in area. Proposal: commence immediate attack with shooting.


5T: Request on halt! Our focus is safeguarding the maid, not getting kills!


13P: Tch, they're getting closer and closer! What should we do?


5T: Hold your positions for now. Incessant shooting will only waste energy and leave us rendered. Let them make the move and we'll counter based on what they do.


13P: I don't like this idea that much, but if you say so...


13P and 5T held their positions, awaiting any arrival coming from the opposite team. Meanwhile, Rokurou got out of his hiding spot and looked at Emilia and LightFlare. He wanted to follow the warrior's idea, but their leader's glare gave him another thought.



Rokurou: That look on her face seemingly isn't cool. Maybe I should stick to the plan and-


Agni: Rokurou, a moment.


Rokurou: So you had an idea. What's on your mind?

Agni: Who's your target once again?


Rokurou: It's Hinamori. Yours is 5T, right?


Agni: Right. If their only attack was that one, then I imagine...


Rokurou: ...?


Agni: I have an idea to open them. Once I do that, you advance.


Rokurou: Alright.


Agni dashed towards the watchtower in the middle and once reached it, he quickly climbed the stairs with small hops while Rokurou stood on his position, waiting for the idea to be executed. Once Agni reached the top, he could get a view of the Defense's flank from above. He also knew this left him open to be seen, but the tower had its strategical use. and so, he attacked, in order to let the defense open up a bit.


BGM: After Burner -∞ Climax Mix- (Bayonetta)



Agni: I hope you enjoy the rocket rain, Defense. Spread Disaster!


Aiming at the flank's middle, Agni took out his rocket launcher and shot 8 missiles. The missiles were innacurate and scrambled through their destinations. But his goal wasn't mainly to hit someone: the sudden attack would leave them exposed or at least worried about being hit, switching their focus to the incoming bombard.



Rokurou: Whoa...


Agni: *looks at Rokurou and nods*


Rokurou: Time to rush in!


Rokurou kept moving while following Emilia, unsure if his target would be there or not. However, he felt as if it was a good idea not not be the first one to land a hit, much to his dismay.



13P: What the- incoming rockets!


5T: From where did they come from?! Wait...


13P: Pod, shoot them!!


5T: Damn it...!! Pod!!


Under they commands, the Pods began shooting the missiles. However, because there was a bit of Agni's dark magic on them, they were sturdier than common rockets. Still, they tried to block them, without success.


System Information

Agni's Bullet Gauge: 2/10


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Kirimuri: Well, see you guys later!


Kirimuri drops a smoke bomb in the middle of the map, near the middle wall of the Defense team. The blast radius was just enough so that Agni can scout the Defense team's base without getting his view obstructed.


He becomes invisible then proceeds to sneak quietlg in the Defense team's base from the right flank of the map.

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