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3D models for my characters


I said I was going to make a thread regarding 3D stuff in here, I'm actually gonna make 2. This one in the resources, and another one in development help.


Anyways, do you guys know or perhaps have 3D models of the characters shown here, I'm having a VERY hard time finding them so I need some help.


Daisy (Mario Tennis and Mario Strikers, the one I have doesn't have a good hand armature and the Strikers one doesn't have a skeleton)


Sheik (Super Smash Bros Melee, same reason as Strikers Daisy)


Samus (Metroid Prime, same reason as Sheik)


Zero Suit Samus (Super Smash Bros, Fusion Alternate costume, idk if there's a edited version of the model without the heels, but if there is, let me know)


Doom Slayer (idk if there is a model of him)


If you guys have the models of them, that would be a huge help for me and I'll accept more of you guys as my friends, even though I barely know you.

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