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It would appear we have the double post bug surrounded.  It's 10 minutes past its normal arrival time, and no double post to be found.

There's been a slight change in plans, however.  Rather than re-enable each plugin now, I'm going to leave the plugins disabled overnight, and check on it tomorrow.
If the bug is still gone, then we can be certain it's one of them.  If I start in on it now, and the bug kicks on and it doesn't work out well, we won't know for sure it wasn't just late.
This way we'll know.  And diagnosis will be a matter of from there, and not long at that.

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Looks like I spoke too soon.

It was me commenting on my own status update that seemed to trip the bug on.

It's weird tho, the forum doesn't seem to be double posting comments, only the status updates.

All plugins and applications disabled.
CK Editor button configuration restored to default.
All RSS imports and exports disabled.
Cache cleared.

Double post bug returned on status updates only, not forum posts.
Profile bug returned

Next time, try disabling the calendar as well.  
Also try emptying the custom css file.
Check to see if the database backup process is interfering.


The bug got through our perimeter defenses.  
Next week, bigger and badder traps.  

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I've figured out how to trigger the profile error component of the multi-post bug manually.  For whatever reason it does not cause the multiple posts component to trigger, but this does mean that we don't have to wait a week per attempt to diagnose at least that part of it.  If in fact the 2 parts are distinct.

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