Commander Keen Blasts Off! (ONE FINAL HYPER!!!)

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I haven't updated Commander Keen for a while, because I was too busy with other stuff and such.


So, to resume my MUGEN project, I have two big W.I.Ps planned. One is Commander Keen (which I am working on right now), and my newest W.I.P, Sonic Mania, will have a preview next week.


In a meantime, here is what Commander Keen's second intro and death animation look like. More to come for an eight-year-old space ranger.


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8 hours ago, RoySquadRocks said:


Working on assists for Commander Keen now. Here's Jazz Jackrabbit as his first helper. Others will be shown in the video soon.

Jackrabbit should probably hit the opponent with his gun the second he draws it out, if you look closely at the animation.

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