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Few words about him.

- It will be main boss in my second game lol xD

- He is a dictator, ruler of half of Earth or even majorty.

- His attacks will be quite simillar to:

1. Kamehama DB series

2 Piccolo DB series attack which killed Raditz

3. One arm laser/ kamehama

4. 3 attacks like Orochi

5. Attack like Krizalid

6. Maybe Terry Bogard special fist

7 Of course goenitz attacks because it is base xD but .....


Today I made Addlife . It is skill like Broly character has.

No He will not have Akuma attack XD I cant make such sprites.

I am thinking about (but I am not an expert xD) giving two modes of AI ---> Normal cheap and Incredible cheap xD

There is a lot to do. 

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