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Welcome to this Topic!!

A long time ago I started working on the ''super TMNT Sprite-SheetzZ'' witch I will be uploading soon!

I have been working on it for quit some time now but I'm finishing up the sheetzZ, just adding some stuff here and there and polishing everything up.


You can Take a peek below

TMNT Sprite StylezZ



I have edit allot sins ''TMNT sprites sheet Teaser-Update'' so its kinda outdated, but it give you a sense of what I have done so far.


If you wanna help me you can do so by:

- sharing your sprites(TMNT Tournament Fighter sprites based ONLY!)

- or showing me sprites made by someone else

- Showing/Sharing this topic



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Here are more sprites I edit & are working on.


Chrome Dome From the 1987 TV-Show

I'm 20% done with the shoulder armor
and MABEY I wil add th sleeve between hizZ legzZ(But thatzZ a BIG maby).

Casey Jones (TMNT TF SEGA G :n64: )
TankzZ to RotSprites & Nedflandeurse who told me this awesome program exists, I am going to recolor & edit his sprite here is a preview:


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