Please, Help Me! How Can I Make Now Loading Screen For Mugen?

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I just wanna know how to do now loading screen for mugen, right before intro. Something went like this, the current now now loading screen, watch this:

But, I need a tutorial steps for doing now loading screen into Intro. Please, don't hesitate me. But, please, help me! How can I make Now Loading screen for Mugen?

(No Rude Answers)

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This was so long ago now.


so basically, to do this there are a couple of ways the best way is to make a video  of the loading intro. save the format as avi.

then using a program like irfanview, export all of the images from the video into single files.


convert all of the files to 256 png, and then add them to a SFF (make a new one if you want to or use a old one) getting them into sprites is the HARDEST part.

adding them in and making the animation is the easiest.

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