Marvel Vs. Capcom Series

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- All the most recent chars/edits by RedHot
- Updated all links of Scruffy Dragon's chars
- Many more chars and edits by Aaron Alejandro
- Agent Nash by MGMURROW and changed other MGMURROW's chars links for the creator's site

- War Machine, Deadpool (WIP), X-23 (WIP) and She-Hulk (WIP) by Logansam
- Some edits of Hulk: Furious Hulk by Gartanham & Logansam, Incredible Hulk by manbatshark8, new version of Monster Hulk by aoiro, coldskin1 edit of Savage Hulk
- Megaman by SeanAlty and an edit of him by NDSilva
- Ssonic edits and updates of Cyanide's Blackheart, Empawk's Symbiote Spider-Man, Nicotinefist & Arkady's Hawkeye, Angelus, Arkady & Volzzilla's Doctor Strange and MMV's She-Hulk
- Three versions of Hayato. Vs. Style Debuts, Ryun and varo_hades/BahamianKing100 versions
- Xanders edits of FerchgotX's Spider-Man and Magus Iron Man

- Spidey's Negative Zone by AxelLord

- Armored Spidey by MetroidFusion

- Sener (Spidey's edit) by ss5ace
- Two versions of Strider Hiryu: U-U RO-RO BO-BOBO RO-RO SU-SU and DivineWolf versions
- Zangief by varo_hades & ShinRei

- Updated link of Mexican Cactus edit of The_None's Thanos
- Charlie Nash by Trololo
- Spider-Man 2099 by Medrops & Magus
- Dhalsim by Knuckles8864
- Morrigan (AzuFight Style) by jade_midori/Daniel9999999
- Albert Wesker by Flavio Camarão
- Flavio Camarão edits of Ryou Win's Jill and Nestor & Riklaionel's Chris

- Nathan Spencer & Albert Wesker by Zox
- Roll (RMM) by DCL & O Ilusionista
- Omega Red by Red Omega
- MetalGuy213 edit of Xslaught's Omega Red

- New version of Ghost Rider by Dark Rider
- Final version of Iron Fist by Fede de 10 & Idpp
- CR edits of Bugya's Vergil
- Some edits of Ramzaneko's Zero
- MDS_Geist edits of Loganir & Black Dragon's Thor
- Aleistor Henrikson edit of Super Skrull by aa250 & bdc
- New version of Hsien-Ko/Lei-Lei by Vs. Style Debuts
- Mike Haggar by SeanAlty & ReddBrink
- Christiam edit of MMV's She-Hulk
- Pilgrim & Volzzilla edit of Taskmaster by Rojin70
Phew, that was A LOT!

But yeah, i'm still had to add the rest (stages, screenpacks...), so stay tuned cause i'll keep updating the MvC Collection for sure.

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