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How to Make Basic Mugen Stages for Beginners

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Fighter Factory 3.0.2 x86 32 bit version

Fighter Factory 3.0.2 x64 64 bit version


Mugen Builds
Mugen 1.0 stable version

Mugen 1.1b


Gimp Download


SFA Ryu Mugen Stages  is Open Sources with Sprites & PCX format


If you want to learn more about Advance Stage Coding you can go to this location here
Electro's Mugen Video Tutorials


Extra few basic Mugen stages code setting


what does Layerno even mean or do ?
Its mean Layer Number
lets say..If you want to make a stage WITH Grass Field and you want the Grass in front of the screen and make the Mugen Character behind that Grass field well the  Layerno = 1  will make happen
Here a Picture give you good Idea how the layerno will look


layerno = 1 ; Adding a 1 willl turn on the layer function for the image


layerno = 0 ;  Will turn off the turn on the layer function for the image


What does Trans do or even mean ?
Trans means Transparent
Let's say you want to make Spooky Scary Ghost and you wanted to be Clear and Transparent ?

Adding this code setting let you do that

Trans = add1 ;Adding a Add1 will turn on this sprite image function


Trans = none ;Adding a NONE will turn off this sprite image function

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