What characters do you want to be converted into mugen?

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A better Star Butterfly for MUGEN using this sprite by Jarquin10!star_butterfly_by_jarquin10-d9bcm73.gifOh, and the perfect base for her to use is Pure and Fur.
I mean, seriously! Most Disney characters we get for MUGEN are shit! Like, take a look at randy bighead's Star and Marco! Both crappy creations! Oh, and that Dipper who was a spriteswap of King Harkanian. Oh yeah, I forgot, The crappy creation of Phineas & Ferb both at once by someone impersonating MOC1101!

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A decent version of Plutia/Iris Heart(Since there is a bad made version of her with horrible sprites), Miia, Rei Ryghts, Dark Demon from Dynamite Heady and Nezumi Hime from Soreyuke Burunyanman.

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