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Collection remade. Click in the author link to download. Red is offline.



bm_makaryudo.gif          bm_drethdok.gif          bm_chilipepper.gif

Makaryudo: DxWho - MelvanaInChains Edit / DrKelexo || Drethdok: MelvanaInChains || Chili & Pepper: The_None


bm_headless.gif          bm_lapa.gif          bm_fangore.gif

Headless Harn: MelvanaInChains || La Pa: Not mugenized || Fangore: The_None


bm_naga.gif          bm_kapka.gif          bm_deathmask.gif

Naga: Not mugenized || Kap Ka: The_None || Deathmask: DrKelexo


bm_skythe.gif          bm_albiole.gif          bm_shion.gif

Skythe: DxWho || Albiole: DrKelexo || Shion: DrKelexo



Stages by MDI || Floating Island by Ryoucchi & The Magic Toaster || Magic Factory by OldGamer || Sprites Rips by DrKelexo || Lifebars by DrKelexo

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26 minutes ago, OldGamer said:

A new stage is been made by me and if okay to add to your collection :D


Added, thanks OG. :D

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