Yukari Yakumo updated (01/08/18)

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Mokou updated


  • Increased vertical hurtbox size on forward dash.
  • 5z: Damage decreased (85->75).
  • 6z: Damage decreased (46*60->41*55).
  • j5z: Damage decreased (95->90).
  • j2z: Damage decreased (100->90).
  • Hollow Giant Woo [1st Hit]: Damage decreased (50/55/60->45/50/55).
  • Hollow Giant Woo [2nd Hit]: Damage decreased (50/55/60->45/50/55).
  • Ignition Candle: Proration decreased (85%->75%).
  • Mt. Fuji Eruption: Damage decreased (90->75), Proration decreased (80%->75%).
  • "Immortality's Reckless Sacrifice": Fixed graphical bug in IKEMEN.

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Mima, Marisa, Flandre, & Lie Meiling updated.


  • Voice added kudos to GarchompMatt's EO5 rips.
  • Can now activate Flight Mode in midair.
  • Can now taunt during Flight Mode.
  • Can now cancel into Flight Mode from Normals if Mima is not already in Flight Mode.
  • 3z: Hitbox size increased.
  • Meteor Strike: Fixed bug where Mima could enter permanent Flight Mode.
  • Meteor Strike: Startup powergain increased (15->45), now only gives startup power gains if counter is successful.
  • "Orreries Sun" (Rings): Now ends if opponent is KOed, flag now properly resets between rounds.
  • "Orreries Sun" (Shoot): Fixed bug where Mima would fire orbs backwards.
  • Witching Blaster: Added limiter to how many projectiles can be on screen at one time.
  • "Laevatein": Corrected bug where sword would whiff in corner.
  • Monochrome Hurricane: Hit velocities adjusted, now causes an untechable knockdown.

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Yukari updated


  • 5y: Hurtbox size increased.
  • 5z: Hurtbox size increased.
  • 2y: Hurtbox size increased, hitbox size decreased, can now be blocked high.
  • j2y: Hitbox size increased, velocity increased.
  • j5z: Hurtbox size increased.
  • Illusionary Rift: Startup decreased by 14f.
  • Illusionary Rift [X ver]: Recovery decreased by 12f.
  • Illusionary Rift [Z ver]: Blockstun increased by 13f.
  • Illusionary Rift [Z ver]: Can now manipulate Yukari's trajectory by holding forward or back.

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