Uncle Plas' BGM Loops

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Fixification of OP is currently under way. Unfortunately, the spoiler background is white so those viewing this thread on the Deviant theme (myself included) can't actually see the text. If Ryon or Alexei state that it is not possible to fix this issue, then I'll have to change the text colour to black or something.

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It doesn't loop. I can't find a longer version anywhere, so I guess that's purely how long the theme is.


In other news, MediaFire seems to think Sunahara Desert is the same as 'Magic Johnson' by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. GG MediaFire.

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Loop ALL the circuit music!


Alpine Trust

bgmloopstart = 640252
bgmloopend = 4672363


Chuoko City

bgmloopstart = 889239
bgmloopend = 6008902


Zvil Raceway

bgmloopstart = 599865
bgmloopend = 5563383


Kamagori City

bgmloopstart = 414978
bgmloopend = 7244331


Daitoshi Station

bgmloopstart = 1031517
bgmloopend = 5607794


Storm Coast

bgmloopstart = 616539
bgmloopend = 5765773


Kenshu Jungle

bgmloopstart = 794387
bgmloopend = 5612133


Avalanche Valley

bgmloopstart = 1233078
bgmloopend = 5132514


Sendai Outpost

bgmloopstart = 118555
bgmloopend = 5218647


Willard Mine

bgmloopstart = 414978
bgmloopend = 5268542


Cevo Canyon

bgmloopstart = 349737
bgmloopend = 5212642


Hibashira Speedway

bgmloopstart = 260821
bgmloopend = 4640397


Turns out someone's been uploading them to as well.

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