1up mugen screenpack for Windows or Mac

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1up MUGEN screenpack 1.0/win Mac or Windows version

Hello Mugen community! I have worked on my own screenpack for mugen 1.0/win... I sort of fused elements from broken mugen and another screenpack with a little bit of Graphic Design effort I had created this style.... Some of you guys here before were asking me once before to upload it! so here it is guys if you want it. I have already packed it for both windows version and for all you Apple owners out there works on Mac O SX 10.6.8 (thats my operating system that it works on but should work for most).


Sorry about the file size of download... but it should be worth it.... Also included one stage I had designed and created 'Luna Park Sydney' and a digitally remastered Quatic Centre stage.

I hope you guys enjoy it ;o)


These are not my own illustrated artworks as can do it but would take me forever.... I gathered these amazing artworks and collaged/manipulated  them together with the power of photoshop to create a real arcade feel to this screenpack.




Mac O SX 10.6.8 Version download 363.5mb:

Windows version download 90.7mb:
mugen x (1).zip

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