My Customized Portraits for DDR's characters

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I was a big fan of DDR's creations, here's my pros. The gameplay is excellent and his characters played very well. I saw their portraits, the sprite was on the character's portrait. So, I made my custom portraits for DDR's Hong Kong Phooey, Sorcerer Mickey and Duck Dodgers if you want my ones better. If you want to use DDR's Duck Dodgers, Mickey and Hong Kong Phooey, please take a permission to borrow my custom portraits.



Here's the download link: Download the portraits for DDR!

I will draw more custom portraits for DDR's Popeye and Opera Elmer later.

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I'll grab that popeye. Can you make Marvin port too?

I have added Zeus, Fat Albert and Frankenstein Junior. Though, I am not into Frankenstein Jr.

I think I will use DDR's Marvin and Captain Caveman portraits so, I am not sure if I could do my portraits for those two.


Download Link:

Download Frank Jr.'s portrait!
Download Fat Albert's portrait!
Download Zeus' portrait!

I will do more portraits, such as Wile E. Coyote and Inspector Gadget, eventually. I heard DDR is making Coyote and Gadget in the future.

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