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B-kun is back: Angry Ninja released, Frosty Ninja and Shuma-Gorath updated!

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Hi guys, sorry for don't post this before, but I don't get internet in my house since a weeks ago, so I got less time to post this things (only I could do it in Guild only). So here's my return in 2015:


1. Angry Ninja (04/09/2015)
The second in The Ninja series after Frosty Ninja, he's based on Angry Birds games trying to adapt it into MUGEN with a good quote of WTF and with M1.0+ compatible as well. Find him in Bosses/Jokes section in Characters

2. Frosty Ninja (04/09/2015)

Formerly known as "The Ninja", the original guy isn't Sub-Zero is back with various new stuff: name changed, bugs fixed, new special and super, and M1.0+ compatibility (data, winquotes, etc.). Find him in Bosses/Jokes section too



3. Shuma-Gorath (04/12/2015)
The main release of this month. Marvel's monster god is back with various bug fixes, as well with other things. And... finally a new SND with his MSH-MVC2 voice, I know a lot of you missed that for sure ;) find him in Adaptations section in Chars
I hope you like these releases  :awesome and don't be mad with me for my AF Taiga character, I promise I'll make her for real, that's why I'm starting to download DBFC chars already made to get a good base, I hope to get some news about her (and other projects) in my WIP thread in Guild. Greetings!!

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