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UNIB SP 1.1 1280x720

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Under Night In Birth SP [1.1 Only]
NOTE: More characters are actually in my SP, but I feel that theres too much space to be involved for that.
Lifebars are not made by me by are towards the respected owners. I don't own UNIB property or anything like that but I make the SP based on this theme.
For ports, please notify what characters you want to make and feel free to make ports for this SP =)
Localcoord = 426.66,320.25 for normal characters. 
Default Motif? Maybe. 
Enjoy. =)

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But Reverse Yu, i said this in MFG, and i don't try to be annoying with you, but if you or someone have another link for the SP...? Because Mega sadly doesn't work for me.

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