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A girl receives a painful lesson in modesty. 



Famous Witch Hunter and detective is spotted. He was believed to be missing after he fought a monster (and won.) He was fighting a criminal who wrecked havoc in the 1.1 world some months ago.



Speaking of hunters, there's a new Vampire Hunter in town.



And lastly...this happened.


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The reason why there's only one video today instead of the usual three is because Yamirobo by Masukenpu-kun doesn't have AI (Seriously, it didn't threw a punch. It only stayed in the defensive.)
At least it has two fights on it.



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All the parts of the Infinite Characters Marathon so far.


Failure Casanova, The Legendary Warrior of Space, Daimon vs Daibanchou and The Family Man.



A Guy with no chill, Dumb as bricks Hinata, DOSUKOI!!! and Parry God K'.



Only Ken Ken deal with Ken, You're not Yagami, The Mature who only cared about charging her batteries and Super Armor Maxima.



Nashville, Fanservice bait vanishes from existence, Just your usual Tiger vs Dragon fight and more predictable AI. (Not as dumb as Hinata but the waiting game is still rewarded.)



The Lesser of Four Shadowy Dark Violent Evils.



Sheen Wuss, The Treey and the Goose, Sadism from hell, Russian Storm and More Machine than Mann.



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