[WIP] RicePigeon's WIP thread: Suika (Palette templates inside)

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"I'm afraid your path ends here"

I apologize if this one looks bad. This is my first time creating a palette using the Advanced Palette editor tool in Fighter Factory.

(P.S: I just noticed that her scrolls are not silver, like they're supposed to be. ><' )

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I'm not a princess (A lot of anger in it)

Not your cutie girlfriend, oh no

don't you know?

I hope whoever decided that jpeg was the best way to show off pallete previews for the P4A Famitsu palletes got punished for such insolence.

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Kinda knew that time would come.

My biggest question was actually, what Eirin sprites you would plan to use.

Now I know. And DAMN, that CS. Even more possibilities than with the CS of K' in KOFXIII.

Could I possible borrow them from you and work from there (as in edit your CS for my needs), when I should start coding her? Thanks in advance!

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Wait, when you should start coding her? Idk...


Anyway, I'll see what I can come up with for your Eirin (Possibly some reference from W, or anything).

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Idk if I can trust that. *shrugs*


Anyway, made some Eirin colors today. Had a decent amount of fun with them, so I hope it helps:














My take on her default color



Will do some more later on.

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1.) Default
2.) Player 2
3.) Reisen U. Inaba (Imperishable Night)
4.) Reisen U. Inaba (Scarlet Weather Rhapsody)
5.) Kaguya Houraisan
6.) Kagome Higurashi

I havent gotten to adding the submitted palettes yet, but that's next on my to-do list.

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"Don't be such a baby. Ribs grow back."


"*whispers* No, they don't."


"Avengers, Defenders, Thunderbolts, I make any team better."


Modern variant


When you exile yourself from the moon, you don't get to use the lunar empire's superior operating systems, but this Earth variant will suffice.

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Its been over a year, but yeah, Meiling is getting an update, which will consist of alot of system changes that I've incorporated into my newer stuff.

She's also getting two new moves from source, and losing one in exchange (her rainbow fist HHS). You'll notice some buffs to some of her stuff though, particularly her Fierce Tiger's Strength super (which is now a second level 3), which had a previously undetected glitch where it would end up scaling everything by half in addition to the normal damage scaling, which shouldn't happen. The damage penalty on her normals was also reduced, and it now increases her minimum damage scale value to 33% for all attacks.

Oh and no Lie Meiling mode, she's already a separate character. She now exists as a palette though.

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Wow, now that's not just a simple update, but a bit closer to an overhaul.

Is definitely interesting, though.

Also, did you considered adding alternate japanese voice sets for your characters?

Because if not, then I could do that for you.

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Do you mean that you have used japanese voices without knowing the meaning of the lines and that it backfired with one certain release?

Because that's what I'm trying to avoid. So if I don't use a voice pack of Choiyer, I first try to find out, what the hell the lines, which I would have to use instead, actually mean.

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You know why :p



The Kanako/Suwako gauge functionality has been redone from scratch and are a bit more universal now in terms of how the system works internally. Then again, the entire character is being redone from scratch, as I previously stated, its not so much of an update as much as it is a new character, despite it being Sanae.

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Alright, may as well release some more information about Sanae while I'm at it.

  • Sanae is a collab with Daniel9999999
  • As mentioned, the character is being redone entirely from scratch
  • Gameplay will be different from what I've been doing so far, not because I dislike the current system, but for a change of pace
  • Character will now be 4 buttons (X, Y, A, B) as opposed to 3 (X, Y, Z)
  • Sanae's wind system from Hisoutensoku will be present


  • X: Light Punch
  • Y: Strong Punch
  • A: Light Kick
  • B: Strong Kick
  • b,b or f,f: Dash/Air Dash.
  • Throws can be performed by pressing Y+B (or b+Y+B for back throw)
  • X+A + direction: Wind Summon
  • f+X: Onusa overhead (hits high)
  • f+Y or j.f+Y: Kanako Onbashira (Projectile, Affected by Wind, 4 second Kanako cooldown)
  • b+B or j.b+B: Suwako Iron Ring (Projectile, Hits 3 times vertically, 4 second Suwako cooldown)
  • QCF+X/Y: Wind Call (Projectile, remains inactive until Wind Summon, hits 3 times)
  • QCF+A/B: Omikuji Bomb (Projectile, summons random projectile effect (Good luck, Bad luck, Very Good luck, or Very Bad luck) on hit or ground contact, Affected by Wind)
  • DP+X/Y: Kanako Summon - Thrust (Air OK, travel distance affected by Wind, 4 second Kanako cooldown)

System info:

  • Light Punch (X) and Light Kick (A) can be cancelled into any higher level Punch or Kick (ie: X>Y, X>B, A>Y, A>B).
  • Punches can be cancelled into Kick of the same strength (ie: X>A, Y>B).
  • Punches/Kicks can be cancelled into Specials or Supers.
  • Specials can be cancelled into Supers.
  • Counterhits cause 25% more damage to attacks, and will add +1 hitstun to Light attacks and +3 hitstun to all other attacks aside from throws.
  • Wind Summon causes Sanae to summon wind in any of 8 directions, altering both her own trajectory as well as that of certain projectile attacks.
    • Wind direction can be changed while wind is already active under the following restrictions:
      • Any wind can be changed into its inverse horizontal equivalent (ie: UF into UB, F into B, DF into DB, and vice versa)
      • Sanae can only change the wind direction once before landing.
    • Any normal or special attack can be cancelled into a Wind summon at the cost of 500 meter.
    • Wind can be summoned while on the ground or in the air (as opposed to Soku, where wind summoning was Air only)
  • Attacks involving the use of Kanako and Suwako require a full Kanako or Suwako gauge, and require recharge in between uses, with each attack having a different cooldown time.


More info soon

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