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I believe there's more than this. Please post links if you find any characters that aren't included.


Individual threads digivolves to.... Collection!

'kay, bad joke. Here you go

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wast there a graymon or wargraymon i know there is a dark or blackgraymon that was made cant rember where it might be

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Wargreymon is up. Aren't you talking about it?

never mind i see why not i could find him will there still a black or dark wargraymon

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palmon, weregarurumon, chibi renamon links are all down and You can't even click Agunimons link just a picture.

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Is Omnimon/Omegamon any good? Just want to know before I download him because I saw one on youtube once and iirc, he sucked. Just wanna make sure this isn't that same one or not.

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Is Omnimon/Omegamon any good? Just want to know before I download him because I saw one on youtube once and iirc, he sucked. Just wanna make sure this isn't that same one or not.

Too be honest, nothing's stopping you from finding out.

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Wow, this collection awesome, I almost gave up on finding some of this chars.

But as good as it is, it's still far from complete, since there are still a few characters missing.

luckily I have already found most of them and upladed them right here:


this package contains the follwong digimon Chars:

Guilmon: From the same guy who made the Grwomon and the V-pet Digimon, it controls just like Growmon, but is alittle weaker

BlackAgumon: Has some cool attacks (even his sprint animation can damage you) but is really overpowered, his super is more or less a one hit kill (delivered by Blackwargreymon)

Renamon by tigermask: although it looks like the battlespirit Renamon already in this collection it is in a completely different league. Made by the same author that made the V-mon, it has lots of attacks, combo specials, can summon Terriermon and guilmon, and evolves for sakuyamon for special moves and has spectacular sound effects, hitsparks and is definetly one of the best avaiable digimon chars.

Guilmon EX: based on the special Guilmon from Digimon battle spirit 1.5 this Guilmon not only looks a bit different but also has different and more attacks than the other guilmon currently in this collection

BlackWarGreymon: From the same guy that did the Blackagumon above, has only two very damaging attacks.

Omnimon: A chibi Omegamon ripped from battle spirit. has the attacks from the game but not much more

"Keprymon": apart from the fact that it should be Kerpymon (or more exactly Cherubimon) this char is exaclty liek Blackwargreymon two powerful attacks, but the ranged one looks really cool.

Agumon: Another chibi from battle spirit, has only basic attacks.

When they are added the list should contain all Digmon chars aviable for mugen, except for the one and only (and totally retarded) Metal Greymon that I just can't find anywhare no matter where I search. I even found the old website of his creator but the link was broken. any help in finding him would be highly appreciated :)

by the way, there were once lots of other digimon characters, made by "Love Renamon" for a complete Digimon Mugen Game unfortunately all charcters and stages were hosted on megaupload and have officially been declared lost: http://renamonshinka...mugen-2010.html

maybe somewhere a digimon/mugen fan downloaded them all and put them online somewhere, I'm not losing hope XD

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http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=rl2UJuectlg Sorry guys. Had to go off subject a little and post this for the sake of nostalgia. =P

I'll try those characters you have later though Mulp. From what I've read, they look interesting.

Brings back memories!!

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Huge Digivolution thanks to Mulp!



- Battle Spirit Agumon

- Battle Spirit Black Agumon

- Battle Spirit Black Wargreymon

- Battle Spirit Guilmon EX

- Battle Spirit-sprited Renamon (the second one)

- Battle Spirit Omnimon

- Battle Spirit Keprymon (Cherubimon)

- original-sprited Guilmon

All images are now on MFFA server

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Though this is dead but I was to hoping to add to the collection:


7 Digimon Link:  http://www.mediafire.com/?e3298fajsxnn5e0


RizeGreymon link: http://www.mediafire.com/?nqk6734h6qsm4m7


This file has 7 digimon:







-WereGarurumon X


Here's a heads up:

-Gaomon, Veedramon and Dorumon have AI so be careful.


-WereGarurumon X and MetalGreymon don't have AI but they can launch their hypers at anytime once they have 1000 power points.


-WereGarurumon X, AeroVeedramon and MetalGreymon have MvC2 Hyper system with BG. However, MetalGreymon's the only one who has a hyper portrait.


-Dracomon's the only digimon who doesn't have a hyper attack.


-All 7 have advancing guard but from all of them, Dracomon can't super jump.


-The .rar has the 7 .rar files within it so you'll have to extract twice. I'm sorry if that is too much.





Added link to download RizeGreymon.


And by the way... I made these characters from spritesheets.

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