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Found 24 results

  1. Kotaro Kazama (from Yatagarasu / KOF Style) by Ohgaki PREVIEW DOWNLOAD KOF系システム(KOF System character) > !!107&cid=6E75371007E5D7F9 INFO Ohgaki released Kotaro from Yatagarasu, in KOF Style! Also some of their KOF Style characters got updated.
  2. Hello to all MFFA Here I bring you an advance of the Full Game that I am working on, in this case I show you the Roster of MUGENGERS The Orochi's Origin As you can see, it has a total of 75 characters. I hope you like it a lot and have a good day
  3. INFO I decide to do some small edits on characters for being closer to the called POTS Style. Don't expect huge changes on them, it's not a big deal at all, doing this just for fix issues, for did some changes, like in the hit sounds for example. And for fun too. But i hope you guys enjoy it and any help is very welcome. P.S.: I won't take requests this time, sorry. EDITS (click in the spoiler for download link and details) RAINBOW MIKA KARIN KANZUKI MORRIGAN AENSLAND LILITH AENSLAND DONOVAN BAINE *NEW* LUCY FERNANDEZ
  4. Ok so for real this time ... * This is a edit version of prime sc as it has all the basics already. * Added custom moves * Possible will add more EX moves in Future *Needs more palettes if any volunteers I wanted to give his more loose boxers feelings. Wharkandi helped loosen him up to combo more so shouts outs to HER!!
  5. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD Soy Sauce's Characters INFO Soy Sauce did it well again! This Kyo really plays amazing! Highly recommended, this Kyo and all other Soy Sauce stuff. :)
  6. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO Ikaruga released EX Iori (also known as Flameless Iori) in KOF02UM Style! Also the other Iori versions ('98 & 02UM -Normal-), all Kyo versions ('98, 02UM & XI), KUSANAGI and Rock (02UM Style) are updated.
  7. Princess Athena by Ohgaki (Release 03/28; Update 04/10) PREVIEW DOWNLOAD!517&cid=6E75371007E5D7F9 INFO In my opinion, the best work by Ohgaki. This Athena is simply awesome! :D
  8. Mugen Full & Compilations sites Collection I don't know if i could post this way, if not please say to me ok. I will let here the best links that i know of sites where you will found many links of mugens, if you know other sites or have a public 4shared folder or mega, mediafire, onedrive, etc let in comment to i add in the list. 0- 1- My 4shared folder have a lot Mugen Full & Mugen Compilations: 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10- 11- [need create a account] 12- 13- 14- 15-
  9. NotKyoBy As usual, another joke/over-powered edit by me... this time inspired by Kyo'96 DEMO VIDEO: DOWNLOAD:
  10. SNK vs Capcom EX Hello everyone. To all that may have noticed, I haven't put out anything recently aside from update. MUGENs been kinda on and off for me, but I got big into KoF recently and thought about makin' something sorta big after some inspiration.This thing turns out to be a lil' full game in my custom style that I've been building for a long while. It's gonna be a SNK and Capcom crossover game, roster wise, but the gameplay is gonna be an odd amalgamation. After playing on both sides, I thought it would be fun to see what I could do with my favorite SNK chars in this style, plus some other unique Capcom IPs. I think by now, the style is pretty set in stone, but the thing I got start worrying about is the screenpack (not too great with graphics stuff of the sort).There's also the roster, which I have a pretty big idea of, but may peeve a few since I can't include too many (i'm only human!) and that my tastes may differ a bit, sorry in advance! The rosters sorta gonna be organized in threes, like KoF. I thought it would be a fun idea to organize the Capcom chars this way, since I haven't seen it before.So far, 4 characters have been made, and I've been privately testing them with a few close friends just to help me polish (thanks doods). They are Lilith (of course), Chun-Li (from before), and the two new ones that I haven't released yet: Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui. I had a lotta fun with them, and it's given me high hopes for this game. Once I get at least one rep from each starter team (4 Capcom, 4 SNK), I will release a little public alpha test to see what people think of the game. Once I've gathered feedback and polished up, I will move onto adding the rest of the members from the 8 starter teams for the first version of the game.Now with that out of the way, I'll go on to describe the gameplay system at it's current state: That out of the way, expect some progress soon. Below is a trailer with a bit of gameplay footage and other things to show you what's goin' on (thanks Rodknee). Hope you enjoy! Discord Link, for future updates if you're interested:
  11. Evil Ryu (SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium) by Ikaruga (02/18/2018) PREVIEW DOWNLOAD > The others INFO Ikaruga is well known for your great KOF characters. But now he did something different. Here it is Evil Ryu from SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium. He's pretty accurate from the original Neo Geo Pocket Color game and his AI is configurable, just like the rest of Ikaruga stuff.
  12. KOF ZILLION PLUS (Power UPs) With several items thrown during the fight!
  13. Chris (Infinite Style) by Chazzanova & ShinRei, edited/fixed by Prime SC (Last Update: 01/24/2018) PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO Original Thread NOTE: The bug showed at 3:45 of the video is already fixed. Prime SC, also known as hairline733, did a HUGE update on Infinite Style's Chris made by Chazzanova, previously edited by ShinRei. FIXES NOTE
  14. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO What a great surprise! :D Yes, you guys won't see wrong. Ikaruga released Adelheid, in KOF '98 STYLE! Never thought i'll see Adelheid playing in this style one day, but Ikaruga did it and did it well, as expected from him. Also all their KOF '98 chars are updated.
  15. My Christmas Gifts for ya! ANNOUNCEMENT VIDEO INFO Hey everyone, gui0007 here. Merry Christmas to all of you MFFA-ers! There are some gifts for you, i'll post them as it shows in the Announcement Video. Christmas Gift #1 KOF Memorial Level 2 Red Edition -Extended Pack- DONE! Christmas Gift #2 KOF Memorial Level 3 -FINAL VERSION- DONE! Christmas Gift #3 MKP Season 2.5 -Ultimate Update EXTRA CONTENT for the Final Version DONE! Christmas Gift #4 MUGEN Match 2.1 -VERSION 4- DONE! CHRISTMAS GIFT #1 The King of Fighters Memorial Level 2 -Red Edition- (FINAL VERSION + Extended Pack) FINAL VERSION VIDEO DOWNLOAD → MEGA / Mediafire EXTENDED PACK VIDEO DOWNLOAD → Mediafire The first Christmas Gift it's Final Version of my KOF Memorial Level 2 Red Edtion! Also i did an "Extended Pack", with new stages, new characters, new versions of existent characters and more. For the Extended Pack works fine, follow these steps: 1. Download the Game 2. Download the Pack 3. Extract the Pack in the Game's folder via WinRar or 7-Zip. 4. It'll appear if you want to replace some stuff, that are the .def of the stages that are updated, some of the sounds, the select.def and system.def. Select "Yes to All" and it's done. 5. Open the game and have fun! More will come, stay tuned!
  16. Rugal Bernstein (KOF '98) by Ikaruga released 12/28/2017 PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO Yeah folks, Ikaruga is back, releasing freakin' Ruga, from their KOF '98 versionl! As expected from Ikaruga, he plays accuracy to the original KOF '98. Also all the others Ikaruga KOF '98 chars gains updates recently.
  17. Gabriella (POTS Style) by Prime SC/hairline733 Released (12/15/2017) PREVIEW DOWNLOAD OneDrive / Mediafire INFO Really great, another nice job by Prime SC. Also the others Prime SC chars are updated.
  18. KOF Hyper Impact is Now Available [KOF Hyper Impact is Now Available] To Download Go to The Official Website --CLICK HERE-- Demo and Full game shown in website PC Cover Screenshots All Characters and Images is Owned By SNK playmore® © 2018 by Metalware
  19. Another K' edit for your collection. DOWNLOAD HERE!
  20. 1 Year Anniversary (8 Characters Compilation) Here are the team 1 Year Anniversary's present, including 8 characters released by the team in one compilation. Thank you and enjoy. Download Link:
  21. Wild Ram

    Wild Yuri

    Wild Yuri KOF Yuri Sakazaki edited for my personal. Not to be a substitute of traditional KOF Yuri, but as an alternative character. I hope someone likes it. Wild Yuri's Move Set KoopaKoot's Yuri slight modified for my personal taste. ------------------------------------------------------- Normal ------------------------------------------------------- Ko'ou Ken - D, DF, F, Punch (Hold Punch to turn in Haoh Sho Ko'ou Ken) Chou Knuckle - D, DB, B, Punch (Hold Punch to improve damage) Chou Upper - F, D, DF, Punch Rage Chou Upper - F, D, DF, Punch (During running) Enbu kyaku - D, DB, B, Kick Yuri Chou Slash - B, DB, D, DF, F, Kick Raiou Ken - D, DF, F, Kick (In Air) ------------------------------------------------------- DM POWER = 1000 ------------------------------------------------------- Yuri Ranbu - D, F, D, B, Punch Yuri Buster - D, F, D, F, Punch Shin! Chou Upper - D, F, D, F, Kick ------------------------------------------------------- SDM POWER = 2000 ------------------------------------------------------- Rage Yuri Ranbu - D, F, D, B, Two Punches Rage Yuri Buster - D, F, D, F, Two Punches Rage Shin! Chou Upper - D, F, D, F, Two Kickes ------------------------------------------------------- HSDM POWER = 3000 ------------------------------------------------------- Shishi Ko'ou Ken - F, B, D, F, Two Punches (Hold Punches to improve damage) Download: Download:
  22. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] Video Description (That's Help Me A Lot) or
  23. A New BOSSCADE Mode Hase Been Added The Game Is Still In W.I.P Need Char Request To Finish