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Found 8 results

  1. Doki Doki Melty Palettes

    Doki Doki Melty Palettes Hey, I recently got into Doki Doki Literature Club. It's a free game on Steam and a pretty good experience, though I'm pretty sure everyone's either played through it already or been spoiled . Anyways, I made palettes for the DDLC characters over Melty Blood characters. Monika, Sayori, and Natsuki are put over Nineball's Akiha, Satsuki, and Miyako respectively (all of them the MBAACC versions), while Yuri is put over YoungKirei & Take.K's Ryougi. Palettes aren't designed for other versions of these chars. Chars with the palettes installed: - Akiha, Satsuki, and Miyako have their palettes set to 36 in the pre-fight pal select, Ryougi's Yuri palette is set to palette 12 (you gotta select it in the char select screen) Just the palettes:
  2. Ako Tamaki by Sennou-Room (Palettes made by kater15) DOWNLOAD More palette packages in my DeviantArt profile.
  3. Shana by Kohaku (Palettes made by kater15) DOWNLOAD You can find more pallet packs made by me on my DeviantArt profile.
  4. Azrael by Deoxgigas (Palettes made by kater15) Compatible for versions 1.0 and 1.1. Download: More palette packages in my DeviantArt profile.
  5. I noticed that there is only one palette available for Boa Hancock by kijunten, but now a pallet pack is added for it. DOWNLOAD HERE!
  6. Hello everyone, I added one more package of palettes, now for Ivy Valentine from SoulCalibur. I hope you like it. DOWNLOAD HERE!
  7. Fou-Lu by UN -Palettes (made by kater15) I could say that this new pack of palettes was one of the most elaborate and laborious I've ever done. DOWNLOAD HERE!
  8. アプデートUPDATE: MUGEN1.0 versions added I make a break of my "retirement" (it was more from my duties in the forum than from MUGEN itself, BTW) to bring you this A E S T H E T I C pack of 3 stages based on Vaporwave, my new drug right now, all of them with (of course) Vaporwave songs and with S U P E R J U M P, presented by デアドポオル and エアルドヲルムジム And to complete the combo, I added some N O S T A L G I C palettes for my characters: Eric, Blizzard, Shelly, Mad Grinder, Another k9999 and Frosty Ninja I hope you like this P A C K, it was intended to be released at April Fools Day, but I prefered to release it last night instead. Maybe something related to this maybe done for that day, but for now, just relax and enjoy ;) SUBARASHII