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  1. EA..... you better than this. remember your glory from the past!

    1. Ricepigeon
    2. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- LOL!

    3. ArcBeast


      guy's I don't mean to support this company or anything. it just they make some good game from my childhood

  2. are we still need mugen now? fighthing game this year has so many crossover

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    2. RobotMonkeyHæd


      The creative element of mugen is something you'll never get from crossover fighting game.  You might get something vaguely similar to one possible end product, but you don't get the wide open ability to create whatever the hell you could possibly want in a fighting game and then fight it against the creations of other people.  Or assemble your own fighting game from such creations.  Mugen is like the open source 2d fighter that no commercial game will ever be able to match the inane amount of versatility and customizability of.  Ikemen is open source too tho, I wish that would get worked on a little more.

    3. ArcBeast


      I really agree from both of you. they need an update or a new version for the future

    4. Ex✭Cᴀʜᴍ


      It´s free and if you know a litle of pain or photoshop you can easily pull out something cool.


      Unleast you are looking at Mugen in a 100% gamer perspective, it´s limited.

  3. been long I didn't visit facebook anymore since I become victim of security glitch :/

  4. Rachel, Hazama and Weiss has been announce on BBCTB. so hype!!!

  5. recently Blazblue Cross Tag Battle having a demo on comic-con event I think?

  6. Ruby voices on BBCTB kinda annoying

  7. facebook turn out to be evil social media. I get banned 3 times with no reason plus they busted me on the first sign up and want me to send them my real face and taking down my account? what the hell?!

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    2. Xiristatos


      Personally, I would gladly have my account taken down, because fuck Facebook. And for that matter, fuck Twitter as well. If Gandhi lent his celebrity face to a book on how to beat a girl in a street fight, it would be less of a violation of his life's principles than a Twitter user re-tweeting quotes of him in an attempt to prove that they're "right".

    3. Noside


      That's odd, I always shitstorm on facebook daily and nothing happens. lol

    4. ArcBeast


      it's really complicated! I mean why this problem only happaned to me and does not make any sense

  8. DJgi7KQV4AAeK0b.jpg:large


    I have done making a neptunia pallete on this 2 character. I think those pallete really fit on them

  9. Jubei Announce in Central Fiction & Blazblue Crossover Battle HYPE

    1. OxyontheWolf


      at this point, Capcom's dead

  10. I heard this forum is getting attack is that true?

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    2. TheRedBeast


      mmm...well thats is something mystireous


    3. RobotMonkeyHæd


      No we're not getting a bot attack.  We had an old inactive database on our account that acted as storage for a gallery app.  About 3 years ago Ryon removed the gallery for security purposes, because bots were causing problems with it.  Recently that database inflated to behemoth level monstrous, we believe as a result of one of those old bots, because nothing on our end uses it. The database got so big that the host shut us down.  

      Does that clear it up enough, or should I go into more detail?

    4. TheRedBeast


      no, thats enogh thanks rob

  11. this girlfriend get a car accident..........and......and......and....her life cannot be save.......


    1. DanTH400


      Sad news man.

    2. SnipingRaptor


      I'm so sorry of what happened to you. My condolences goes out to you, and your girlfriend's family and friends over there. 

    3. ArcBeast


      thank you for situation.........

  12. mai-natsume.jpg


    Finally Mai Natsume make her apperance once again at Central Fiction!

  13. can't understand why I can't get in here always getting bad host or error connection to this forums

    1. narayan23456


      yeah, its happens to me too, i dont know why this happens 

    2. PlasmoidThunder


      You'd only have to pay attention to recent status updates or the administration board to figure out what's going on.

  14. what happend with this site? I can't open news and releashed forums

    1. Galvatron


      (sorry to repeat myself but.)

      MFFA was dealing with some server problems causing the forum to slow down and hard for members to log-on, so Ryon bounce the server back to when things was functional, However since Ryon is not the owner anymore we have to wait for RMH to fix the rest. Hopefully he be back with us soon after he fix his PC up.


      so for now we can only post 'status updates', P.M. each other and use the 'chatroom' for now... :-P

    2. Dronekiller
  15. around 3 years I still have PS3 on me :omg: still don't have much money to buy PS4

  16. the mobile game that I'm always play is jurassic world the games

  17. all this year I am more...more....and more lonely no girlfriend and event no friend I feel wanna end up my life

    1. Galvatron


      I feel ya man! im too a lonely fella... :-(


      ..but that dosn't mean ill stop living knowing one day I will have a soul-mate. :goodmood:

  18. Nothing new around here

    1. Galvatron


      Nope just some chatting and acouple updates.

  19. happy birthday! :D

    1. Ultra Fatality

      Ultra Fatality

      Its not till the 9th but thanks ^_^

  20. Force awakens is really Sicks!!! *_* 

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    2. MugoUrth


      Well, you can at least tell me what your opinion of the movie is.

    3. Cayne


      Its good for the introduction of new leads, but sadly repeats past plot lines. Even though it's no longer canon this movie obvioulsly mixed a new hope with the legacy of the force series. Doesn't matter I suppose since this movie is as about as canon as GT is to Dragon ball. Lucas had no input in this movie.

    4. Galvatron


      Yeah the Movie is pretty much the new Gen in the Star War series. though it feels weird that Lucas is not the one producing the movie but Hey! Disney gave him the retirement he needed. so he dosn't have to worry about the series taking a whole new direction. :goodmood:

  21. after I done rewatching Episode 1-6 now it's time for the force awakens!!!!

    1. Lord Batros

      Lord Batros

      saw it earlier tonight...... it's the best of the modern star wars movies by far 

    2. ArcBeast


      oh don't spoile me okay I heard some bitch are spoiling it

    3. Lord Batros

      Lord Batros

      oh no way would i do that, yeah i saw a few doing it to, fortunately everything they thought they were spoiling , i knew about already do to being a star wars  geek lol 

  22. happy birhtday! Galvatron be more succes in the future!

    1. Galvatron


      Thanks ArcBeast. I will try my best to make a better future.. :-)