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  1. He’d make a hilarious addition, especially if done in HD to mirror the show’s style. I could see his gameplay based on E. Honda’s, especially with the hundred-hand slap in mind. In addition to the Proton Pill, maybe he could use his jet as a Hyper?
  2. Thank you so much Basara-Kun! Also added a bunch more characters as well.
  3. Sure thing. But I did try to make this collection as complete as I could.
  4. Creators' Collection: WlanmaniaX

    I think I could add his older characters here: Mr. Bean: Mr. Bean by Wlan I couldn't find any of the other characters, such as Luke Skywalker.
  5. Street Fighter II

    Here are those missing MASA characters: Zangief Guile Sagat Shotoborg
  6. Thank you for finding all those Calamix characters. They have thus been added.
  7. I've updated the topic to add in Maurico E's Elec Man and OnslaughtX's Guts Man.
  8. Street Fighter II

    Sprite Rips by HHHanzo. First pack is CPS-1, second is CPS-2.
  9. Disney

    Link to the KH section?
  10. Street Fighter II

    Another SNES Ryu edit. Also, do you remember the stuff I posted last time?
  11. My Little Pony

    Thank you very much.
  12. My Little Pony

    I would like you to eventually make those sections one day, but I understand your choice. Also, could you note the Fighting is Magic-style characters?