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  1. Multiple Special Intros

    First you'll need statedef 190 from the common.cns in you Mugen data folder. It should start with this. ; Pre-intro [Statedef 190] Default is 190 as specified in statedef 5900. Don't edit the common in the data folder. Either copy the file to your character and add it to the def or just copy the statedef 190 into your characters cns. Anyway you can then specify changestates to different intros using various triggers such as random or variables. For character specific intros you need to specify that in the changestate. [State 190] type = ChangeState triggerall=!time trigger1 = numenemy=1 trigger1 = enemy,authorname = "red" || enemy,name = "pikachu" value = 192 [State 190] type = ChangeState triggerall=!time value = 193+random%2 This is saying that if the number of enemies is 1 and the author is either red or the enemies name is pikachu then go to state 192. If the first sctrl doesn't trigger then it will go to the next which is using random to decide between intro 193 and 194. That's just a brief example. Hopefully it helps.
  2. Asriel Dreemurr

    Thanks, though your comment made me think, so I have been tinkering with some mechanics to make him more "playable". Since almost all of his attacks were fully automated, it would make playing him incredibly boring so I've been trying to add more interactivity. Although this will lower his original integrity, I feel it will help make him a better character overall. Updates: -For Star Blazing, the stars now appear when you press a button, meaning you have control over how many show up at a time. Max is 4 so no spamming. The big star still falls regardless at the end of the move. (Plans to change that.) -For Shocker breaker, I've made it so you have control over the exclamation box, so you can move it towards an enemy and press a button to call the lightning. Let me know if this is a good idea. Plans: -Chaos sabre: you will now have control over Asriel with different buttons corresponding to either left or right attacks. -Chaos Blaster will now have a Ammo limit variable which will decrement with each button press, once it hits zero you must button mash to charge up the final rainbow beam.(More presses=more damage.) -I also plan to make it so you have control of the blaster, instead of it locking on to an enemy like it does now. The final plan is how the match will end. -My goal is to use a variable that decrements depending on which moves are used. Once its low enough, you will have access to Hyper Goner, note that using it will place the var at 0 ending the battle. (Stronger moves lower the var more than weaker moves.) Regardless when the var hits 0, depending if you win, a different scene will play. -Not sure if I should make him "invincible" or apply super armor. Invincible is in quotations because a simple nothitby in statedef -2 won't save him from 30% of characters these days. Let me know. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  3. Asriel Dreemurr

    Forgive me if double posting is against forum regulations. A new video showcasing what's been done so far after a week of work. I swear Hyper Goner made me lose my mind, that move took forever and I still don't like how it turned out xP. (There's only so many times you can stare at that face and retain your sanity.)
  4. Asriel Dreemurr

    Hey there! Just posting a WIP page for a project I started last week. The goal is to try and make a boss type character based on Asriel Dreemurr from Undertale. He will use only the moves that were in the game, with some minor adjustments to better suit Mugen. (That's my way of saying that I can't code to save my life, and some of his moves are pretty bonkers.) Since I can't sprite, I'm relying on the sprite sheet from the Spriters Resouce ripped by The Herp Derpinator, which should be enough. Currently working on: -Chaos Sabre -Chaos Blaster Completed -Shocker breaker (The video above is an older version of the move. It's been updated.) Taking a break from -Hyper Goner -Star Blazing I have a youtube channel: I will be posting updates and random videos regarding this and any other future WIPS. Thanks for your time. =)
  5. Krystal Fox

    Krystal Fox Hey there, I started this character back in November last year before I even begun Latias and I just sort of forgot about it. It's not very good but due to the surprising lack of star fox characters, it might be worth a spot on some peoples rosters. Here's a link to it.!otViUR5S!aIVxQu38sq6IQJfSQ5R25w Any feedback is appreciated.
  6. Latias

    Yes, though that was my first attempt at making a character. I honestly wasn't too happy with how it turned out but it was a good learning experience I guess.
  7. Latias

    Hi there folks. :) This is a character I worked on the past couple of weeks to de-rust after not creating in a long time. I classify her as a Boss type character since she's quite challenging, and her 12th palette is even stronger. Download!d88mkRwJ!Y_9WUeHR4mpy99igaGKnm-PCkHqKbGwybrbn6qMdTPc All credits and move list are mentioned in the readme. All feedback is very much welcomed! Thank you and have a nice day. :) Well...this is embarrassing. I could've sworn I was logged into this website when I posted the topic. How odd... I must apologize then for my lack of awareness. Regardless, this is my character and I will respond to feedback on this account. Thankyou.
  8. Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 / Shin Butouden

    I noticed that Sammyboi's Goku is missing so here's one that I have. It was originally for the long debunked Ub22 project.!94sGFRSB!1CNd_GNVBV3la-vEC9XF-BHB8I_ZhMAtXimVRUh7_yA