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  1. OC Released 1/26/2015

    Dude I love the idea and love his sprites. :)
  2. Wow MFFA you look sexy. :3

  3. Dude I love these dragon ball stages they look great.
  4. Traverse Town Square by Kanbei

    *Updated* added Yoshiya to the stage, because fighter factory bonked up on me. D:
  5. MvC2 Fox McCloud (MvC2 edit) Released 1/16/2015

    Damn Darkewolf I never thought someone would patch this fox mccloud gonna check him out.
  6. OMG Tingle confirmed playable in hyrule warriors YEAH!!!!

  7. Traverse Town Square by Kanbei

    Your welocme pal.
  8. Dumanios' Videos

    Omg that character is edited off alexlexus' dante...
  9. [info] Music: Yes Animated : Yes Superjump:Yes [Download] http://mugencoder.com/authors/details/275 [Comment] This stage I made is Traverse Town, based on the kingdom dream drop distance version A.K.A Kingdom hearts 3Ds. So I hope you all enjoy the stage I made, it has. + It is animated. + It has Super Jump to a degree. + Background is custom. + Floor is 3D. + Neku and friends are background elements. (Neku deconfirmed!!!) D: I know he is deconfirmed for our Kingdom Hearts project sorry to all The World Ends With You fans out there. So anyways enjoy my stage feedback is welcomed. :)
  10. FanaTail

    Holy sweet updates batman, I must get those updates.
  11. Trying to get back into making stuff for mugen but god have I been busy with shit lately.

  12. Hyrule Sky Island 1.0 [640x480] HR

    Excuse me while I have a nentendofanboygasm here and download your stage.
  13. Multi Chars - "To Six" Edit Project

    Thanks for all of your awesome edits Duracelleur, I hope you had a great christmas. :)
  14. Breloom by secret1056 released (12/26/2014)

    Finally my favorite pokemon made it to mugen. :)