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  1. Kars by Kei166/Stanley45 updated 12/4/16

    I believe this char registers under "C_Kars"
  2. Anyone know what's up with those numbered Keicho files on HtW's OneDrive folder? I downloaded the third one assuming it was some kind of update, but it's locked with a password.
  3. Just a heads up, the author of Enrico Pucci is said to be releasing an update to his character next week. Hell yeah, time for Heaven.
  4. Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden
  5. SSJBlue Goku by Heal The World:edit by Buzzard1

    Always happy to help.
  6. SSJBlue Goku by Heal The World:edit by Buzzard1

    SSJ4 Kamehameha X10, SSJ4 Vegeta Final Shine assist, Big Bang Kamehameha fusion attack, regular/Instant Kamehameha, probably a couple other moves I missed. But yeah, what I'm getting at is, this guy mostly seems to have a shit ton of Hawaiian energy beams. Here ya go, boss.
  7. Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden

    Sounds Resource has a pretty good selection from Xenoverse and Tenkaichi 3.
  8. jotaro anime color palette? Here they are, if you still need them.
  9.!135&cid=B733B36D722D358F Some part 4/5 characters to add