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  1. Farewell M.U.G.E.Nites

    Press F to pay respects Well, I guess I'm the only Chilean MUGENer in this site...
  2. Furious Dragon's Sprite Gallery

  3. (WIP) Kuki Sanban (Numbuh 3)

    Splendid! I loved the KND in Cartoon Network as a kid, my fav was Numbuh 4/Wally. These sprites for Numbuh 3 are gorgeous! Delicious and cute like a mix of green Pokeberries with cream, as Cilan said.
  4. *IMO, I like the left interface, please keep it.

  5. *IMO, I like the left interface, please keep it.

  6. Please help me people please *Help me, people... I recently installed Windows 7 from a donated Windows XP motherboard, and everything works fine... Except for the audio driver Realtek AC97, ALC653, 64bits, which sounds at one channel and very but VERY low (even with high volume). I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and downloading from any other webpage, but nothing did seem to solve it... I think it has to do with the sound sample ratio, which is always locked at 16bits, DVD Quality, I can't change it. Is there any way to change said quality? Or if has nothing to do with the problem, what should I do?
  7. *I'm glad to finally return to business after a LONG time of absence... I retrieved my Windows 7 PC finally and now I can return to do M.U.G.E.N content.

  8. Uncle Plas' BGM Loops

    *Can you try to loop Chonrei and Chonshu Arranged Themes? Starting from 1:20, finishing at 2:36, and looping at the point of 1:38? Starting from 3:15, finishing at 5:02, and looping at the point of 3:31?
  9. Nicktoons

    *Has anyone yet uploaded the crappy awful Lincoln Loud here?
  10. *I'm sorry for any activity and lack of content, I'm still using the XP PC replacement, which it's too limited, or should I say it doesn't allow me to create further content.

  11. *Hello, man... Happy Birthday...

    1. Lord M

      Lord M

      Thanks, I really appreciate it.

  12. Dangan Ronpa

  13. *Wellp, I feel better now... I will try to install Windows 7 by myself in a brought old PC because my parents grounded me because I tried to ask one neighbor to fix my broken modern CPU. 

    1. -VOID-


      Damn dude, I wish you the best of luck to install windows 7 on your old computer.

    2. Fist Dracon

      Fist Dracon

      *It's a Windows 7 Professional, 64x bits... If it doesn't work, I will have to bring my broken modern PC to a professional fixer. If it works, I will return to place my MUGEN content back in game.