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  1. Zaibatsu added a post in a topic MvC2 Fox McCloud (MvC2 edit) Released 1/16/2015   

    Chotto-Komaru's Fox got patched? Thank the MUGEN gods! I tried him out earlier and Fox is pretty fun to play with and not broken and incomplete like Chotto-Komaru's was. I, being a Starfox fan thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  2. Zaibatsu added a post in a topic Xena:Warrior Princess W.I.P. Reloaded!   

    The animations look neat and so do the sprites too! I can't want to see some alpha gamplay of Xena when she is in alpha progress don't rush it.
  3. Zaibatsu added a post in a topic [Wii U and 3DS]Super Smash Bros   

    *screams* Thank Palutena Takamaru is in! I wanted him in Smash either way, either as an assist trophy or playable, glad to see him revived from the dead. Samurai Warriors 3 did no justice to him Takamaru had a shitty fight style in the game. Takamaru's model looked bad in Samurai Warriors 3. Aside from Takamaru-san, now if only we can know if Ridley playable or not. (Don't start Ridley is too big nonsense it's just as crappy and unfunny as Half Life 3 confirmed jokes)
  4. Zaibatsu added a post in a topic Forest of Desolation   

    I hate to derail the thread but where did you find Kamen Rider Gaim?
  5. Zaibatsu added a post in a topic [Wii U and 3DS]Super Smash Bros   

    I might get killed for this but i can see a delay to early 2015, That's the way I see the game's development so far. What I'm saying is Sakurai said he wants to take his time making this game, not a rush job. But I have high hopes for the installment. Kid Icarus uprising was good and I'm hoping Super Smash Bros U/3DS is just as good. Brawl was okay but it was just elaborate joke to the fans.
  6. Zaibatsu added a post in a topic [Comic Party Wars: Endless Waltz] Sunset Rooftop   

    is it a single layered stage or not?
  7. Zaibatsu added a post in a topic Koopa Castle Stage - Released   

    I think stages might be your forte AX stick with it.
  8. Zaibatsu added a post in a topic Characters that have been made so many times.   

    There has been too many Shiki Nanaya/Tohno and Kohaku made for MUGEN so far. But did anyone mention that there are to many cheap Soras from Kingdom Hearts? No?
  9. Zaibatsu added a post in a topic SUPER MARIO - RELEASED   

    Your a fucking idiot to even think Ax even tries to make stuff decent and Ax has put ZERO to no effort in his creations let alone his sprite work. How can I put this? OH YEAH he doesn't even at least try at all. There's never been anything decent by Ax I'm done feddbaking to him he doesnt even listen! it's just a waste of my breath "well text at least".
  10. Zaibatsu added a post in a topic Donkey Kong - RELEASED   

    That's not spriting, that's being lazy and if not careless. I'm a spriter and I know better, I don't think you know what spriting is. spriting is sometimes drawing sprites from scratch not cut and pastes that very lousy work.
  11. Zaibatsu added a post in a topic Removed Albert Wesker Edit   

    Um excuse me there is on made by Nestor and it fights sorta simillar to MVC3.
  12. Zaibatsu added a post in a topic Digimon   

    Renamon's link is dead...
  13. Zaibatsu added a post in a topic Mugen Battle Girls ( No Hentai ) UPDATE   

    No it's cancelled like Laharl said.
  14. Zaibatsu added a post in a topic Sonic Boom (Wii U & Nintendo 3DS)   

    I agree that Knuckles looks wierd and Amy Rose is dressed sorta like a hooker imo, but as for Sonic and Tails they looks awsome. I'm so glad to hear Craig Smith still voices Sonic it's actually a cartoon I won't dispise this time. Cough.... Sonic X....  Cough....
    Sonic and company were never from Earth to begin with, it was stated back in Sonic Adventure Archie Comics Sonic and crew were from Mobius, Earth/ Station Square was hidden below Mobius it's self.
  15. Zaibatsu added an answer to a question Does this Exist whos the author of this creation   

    Does someone have these characters (List Below). The collection's links are broken to them.
    Azrabc By R@CE45
    Bonus-Shiki By R@CE45
    Yashiro2002 By R@CE45
    TizocGarou By R@CE45
    shishioh By R@CE45