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  1. Touhou Gensokyo Reloaded September Tournament 2017 New Touhou Gensokyo Reloaded Tourney Starts next Saturday try and fight the best of the best. * You Must join the Ikemen Discord It makes communicating to players much more easy for the tourney If you want to enter
  2. [Preview] I am not a part of Capcom Universe and credit the original devs for coding the project but I converted it into an ikemen enjoy. [Download] Capcom Universe Online.7z
  3. TMNT Tournament Of Time Ikemen

    I like to thank DCat for coding the TMNT characters. I have edited the characters to work in Ikemen and have made a full game with them. Download Link :
  4. Hello. We are in search of Tournament and Ranked match commentators a example is the past MFFA tourney. (For the tryout you do not need a layout like the stream but you will need to be able to stream the matches with a layout if you become a commentator.) You can post a video of you commentating a Match i an Ikemen full game (Or a game of your choosing but you will be commentating for the Ikemen games if you become a commentator) and we will watch it and decide if you can become a commentator. If you are feel unsure I highly implore you to participate and tryout. Also if you start commentating and find you do not like it you can stop at anytime. Hope to see your tryouts. .
  5. CVTW Ikemen Released

    I Released a Ikemen Version of CVTW. Do to me working on other things and the resources I had the sp and stages are not source accurate. I will make an update in the future to fix this. Please download and enjoy. Game :
  6. Dragon Ball Z : Choujin Classic Ikemen

    New link for the game has been updated
  7. Come Join and watch the tourney With our Commentators Ricepigeon (The Creator of the Game) and DoomBowser
  8. Link ----> This is a game made by these people I just wanted to make a link in which you didn't have to put it into a new ikemen.

    Arcade Mode code by Lucho from the Ikemen Discord (WIP) ----->
  10. Kohaku Fighting Climax Ikemen

    Added a 1.2 patch download if you can
  11. My very First MVC Ikemen edition Release

    You need to send that compilation to someone else but yes You can use Hamachi or Evolve we mostly use evolve but hamachi is equally as good. Watch this video to learn more if you need to
  12. Kohaku Fighting Climax Ikemen

    I ad to reupload the patch due to a glitch sorry please redownload
  13. Vote for the next Tournaments

    Vote now before its to late
  14. Kohaku Fighting Climax Ikemen

    Updated the game do to lag on a stage sorry
  15. This Weekly Challange is to end the match with a super to earn another win. *If a game has only supers as ex moves that cost a bar the ex move counts *Your win will go up but it will be a win to a ot (So if you lose you dont lose twice just once but they get double the points)