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    games and anime nearly all fighting games i also like Skyrim and Fallout l like anime like Dragonball z,One Piece,Cowboy Bebop,Trigun,Samurai Deeper Kyo,Yu Yu Hakusho,Hakuto no Ken and many others

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  1. What are you listening to right now?

    Damn this version goes hard
  2. So Beerus, Goku Black and Hit are coming to Dragonball FighterZ.......i was hoping for Hit so im happy as fuck right now it seems like Black will play differently from normal goku thank god 


  3. What are you watching right now?

    This game will be lit

    1. Infinite Kyo
    2. Darkflare


      The time has come and so have I.

    3. Private Mucho

      Private Mucho

      So... The obliteration of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur somehow brought Sophitia back to life?


      How are they gonna explain this to those who came for the story, not for the same old people that debated in past chapters?

  5. What are you listening to right now?

  6. -It was great man the pancakes were awesome Kiryu agrees too haha Kiryu pays attention to what Darkflare said and started thinking -It seems the owner has a plan im curious to hear what it is As am i maybe things will get interesting finally Kyo turns back to Lightflare -Dude you got any idea what he's planning? @LightFlare_Da_Realest
  7. Kyo and Morrigan walked into the lobby where people were gathering. Kyo strolled over to Kiryu who was leaning against the wall seemingly thinking about something. -Yo man so this is where you were! so did you like the pancakes? -yeah they were great, very tasty....where is Morrigan? Morrigan appears behind Kyo seemingly out of nowhere -Right here! hehe so Kyo i meant to ask you who was that person you were talking to back there? -Oh that was Lightflare i've known him for a while...dude is strong. one of the best fighters i've seen -Oh interesting.... as Morrigan gave a mischievous grin. and the trio sat down on a couch and continued their conversation.
  8. -The Knights of the Forsaken huh...sounds rough. this whole city has an uneasy feeling to it not like my home at all........I wonder if anyone else i know got teleported here......although im sure if Iori got teleported here he will hunt me down eventually hehe. so whats the gameplan now? As Kyo converses with Light Kiryu finishes his breakfast -oi Morigan tell kyo im just gonna head off to the lobby now no point in staying here once ive eaten -Alright i'll do that Morrigan takes another sip from her cup of coffee while Kiryu walks out of the caffeteria
  9. Kyo turns around after hearing his friends voice -Yo light i didn't see ya there, you look good man . although your epic beard is gone kind of a bummer hehe As Kyo walked towards Lightflare Morrigan chuckles heartily. as the mech Hisui delivers Kiryu's pancakes and Morrigans coffee they sit down at a table and Kiryu starts digging in -hmm haven't had much experience with a knife and fork but it cant be that hard heh -oh this Coffee is seems that Lightflare gentlemen and Kyo know eachother thats quite amusing -It seems like that yeah Kyo leans on the table holding his pancakes in one had he then stabs the top pancake with his fork and shoves it in his mouth. after that he begins to talk to light -So whats been going on man? this whole situation seems a little weird i must admit. i dont really understand it all myself.
  10. The trio entered the cafeteria the smell of hot and fresh food filled the air while Kiryu caught the scent of something different than what he is used to. -hmm whats that smell? it smells great whateer it is. -I think thats Pancakes dude.....wait have you had pancakes before? -hmm cant say i have are they any good? -heck yeah dude i had em when i was over at America for the King of fighters fact lets order some right now! Kyo and Kiryu walk hastedly towards a mech hisui, Morrigan floated behind them as well -Hey there can me and my friend get two small stacks of chocolate chip pancakes with syrup? With a glass of Orange juice? dont mind OJ do ya Kiryu? -No nat at all -Could i ger a cup of coffee, black with one sugar? -well i guess thats all....or did we order too much? @Darkflare
  11. What are you listening to right now?

    dat Touhou metal tho
  12. As the morning sunlight shines into Kyo and Morrigan's room. Kyo sits up still half asleep and lets out a big yawn he then turns to see Morrigan sitting on her bed deep in thought. -Damn you're awake......did you even go to sleep? im still half dead here....what time is it? As Kyo grabs his jacket off from the front of the bed and puts it on Morrigan stops her train of thought and begins to answer -I woke up maybe half an hour ago, i was just thinking about something....... can i ask you a question? -well yeah i guess what is it? Morrigan gave a somewhat heartwarming smile and got up from her bed her wings came back. and she started floating in the air in a position similar to sitting in a chair. -I......may have taken some of your energy while you were sleeping and i peeked into your mind through your dreams.....who was that red haired man he looked furious Kyo gave her a puzzled look and laughed under his breath, then thought to himself -(This chick.....looked in my mind? ugh so thats why i felt half dead when i woke up).....thats Iori Yagami he has been trying to "kill" me for a while now something about our families blood and past and stuff, these days i think he just does it for fun really -He had quite a vengeful stare in his eyes, he seemed interesting......anyway shall we go meet with everyone? i think i heard some people downstairs a couple of minutes ago As Kyo and Morrigan move into the hallway they bump straight into Kiryu, Morrigans chest bouncing off Kiryu's in the collision. -Oh my Mr Kiryu you should watch where you are going also your chest is so firm. -(This woman...good grief).....well rest assured ill watch where im going from now on so it seems like you too slept well? -Yeah for the most part....except for Morrigan waking me up! -What? i just wanted to have some fu- Kiryu interrupted Morrigan mid sentence abruptly -Look lets just go and get something to starving They both agreed and made their way down the hallway To get their much deserved breakfast.