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  1. DSP (A mediocre POTS Dan Hibiki edit)

    V1.1 is released. Some stuff's changed, but not too much.
  2. Pivot StickFigure (WIP Character)

    If you "don't know how to do this" maybe do a bit more research before doing it in the first place? First timing with something is all well and good, but when you're putting in what seems like minimal effort (sprites included considering it's a stickman character) you really don't have much in the way of an excuse.
  3. Pivot StickFigure (WIP Character)

    ...That's just a link to this thread, not a gif of a standing animation.
  4. DSP (A mediocre POTS Dan Hibiki edit)

    Actually, I would do that, except I don't have a bunch of voiceclips ready. I'll have to work on that, though, at some point. Not as familiar with LTG as I am with DSP.
  5. If old habits die hard... then consider this my death, as my habits may as well be my life by this point. Superoverlord Meep, one of my more... notorious edits. Another one of my old low quality attempts at self-insertion. And yet, I noticed something... It was cheap. Really cheap. So cheap, in fact, that given enough time it can whittle down and kill even Rare Akuma. For me, though, I decided that 1. I needed an exercise in coding and 2. that if it was going to be cheap, it was going to be CHEAP. Not through sheer brute force, but through code. There are no "null states" in this, so it won't beat anything that doesn't have a hitbox (in fact, it's coded to crash the game if it loses somehow), but it can beat most garden-variety cheap characters. If you're hoping for a well-balanced, well thought out character that takes skill of any kind to use, look elsewhere. If, however, you find yourself needing something to kill a cheap character, consider taking a look at this, my latest experiment into cheap-character creation. And yes, I'm aware there are characters that can likely very easily beat this one. As I said, it was more of an experiment and exercise in coding a truly cheap character than anything else.
  6. What is your biggest internet regret?

    Neo Meep. If you know what I'm talking about... I'm sorry you had to witness it.
  7. A hint for my next(?) release... delve into my past and think of the most broken of my creations. What if... I had never stopped working on it? Making it more and more powerful unto an ultimatum, undeniably broken by normal character standards?

  8. This edit is of P.O.T.S. Dan Hibiki, but edited with DSP's voicelines and... altered moves. Not much else to say, and if you don't know who DSP is... well, consider yourself blessed. Also... fair warning, don't expect this to be a comprehensive or even "good" edit. I just felt like making it because I was bored, honestly.
  9. A return, or just a simple visit? Time will only tell. Will anyone care? Unlikely, but I'm going to talk about it anyway since I'm an egotistical mechanical overlord. It's practically my job to talk about myself in a grandiose fashion, really.

  10. By the way, don't bother asking them to remove your creations from their site if they're hosting it without your permission, they will just ban you and disregard your request. I know you said not to mention their attitude, but this is just a fair warning.
  11. Hey man can reupload Mikkuns Naoo, the original link is broken

  12. The one time the saying "Happy Construction Day" actually makes sense.
    Then again, Mettaton was probably a ghost before he became the robot he is today, so...

    1. PlasmoidThunder


      'Happy construction day' always makes sense, even if you don't come from a Total Annihilation forum!

  13. Happy birthday, you sexy robot.

  14. Freddy Fazbear by "Elecbyte"

    There's been what, like 4-5 games now? If they haven't made anything good now, they may never do so.
  15. Hello Mugenites!

    Welcome to the party, this sub-community is always happy to see new people. If you contribute anything, I would be happy to take a look at it when I have the time.