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  1. Gran Turismo 2 High Speed Ring by nightblue6678

    oh wow. didn't even know any gran tourismo stages existed !! thanks for the up
  2. Forgotten Cathedral

    wow what a serious throwback!! i think this is from the game painkiller
  3. Juaniquillo's stage edits

    nice job on the old china stage
  4. Temple of Harmony by David Links

    i thought someone made something similar with juri in the background. no worries . nice stage
  5. Kula Orochi

    frost walrus stage music will be perfect for this stage . thanks for the share
  6. [World Heroes Perfect] Ninja Village

    beautiful stage
  7. 4 Train Stages

    many thanks on this
  8. Goho Li + Forest Dojo (Day) released

    i'm trying to download the stage but it's the character that comes up on the link
  9. SFZ3 Maki & SFZ3 Akuma/Gouki released by Ehnyd (2015/07/04)

    I think MMR made a juri awhile back . since this person is tinkering with his characters , there may some hope that it might happen. Loved what he did with akuma btw
  10. Tokei Of Time by Profylebryon

    @ryon, watch the intro and you'll see what i mean....
  11. Tokei Of Time by Profylebryon

    every time i see this stage i think of the intro of the beetlejuice cartoon lol
  12. UraBahn Stage Collection

    wow i just saw stage two from mystic defender ;)
  13. Avengers in Galactic Storm Stages

    wow i remember this !! it was pretty bad , but the stages were decent too . thanks for the major throwback stages . you put a tear in this old man's eye lol
  14. Kung Fury Time Travel Stage

    hope it comes with the vhs tracking lol
  15. Street Fighters by Buti released (03/23/2015)

    damn!!!!!! in my faroooq voice