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  1. Combo Patch for YAMAKICHI's Cloud Strife

    Awesome, thanks!
  2. Combo Patch for YAMAKICHI's Cloud Strife

    I couldnt find Infinite's cloud. Do you think you can provide a download link or link to where it is if it is in the forum as I cannot find it
  3. Hardest Boss Character to Beat in MUGEN?

    Believe it or not... Super_Nicholas's Kirby... He has killer AI and when I pitted his AI against Airmoto...Airmoto lost...
  4. [WiiU/3DS/NS] Super Smash Bros

    This is what SSBR should be like... A WiiU version of Playstation All-Stars. Simple enough
  5. Which Character do You Hate the Most?

    Personally, I hate any character with poorly-drawn sprites. It doesnt matter on AI, but I focus on the artistic stance, and poorly drawn sprites are my pet peeve. (Also hate chibi characters)
  6. 1. PS4 and 720 will be backwards compatible 2. PS4 and 720 will rival any gaming computer as it will have the same number of processors. (So we will see 32 v. 32 matches in Battlefield 4) 3. These are set to release in November, 2013 at the earliest. 4. Details about these will be released around April 5. From what I hear, you will be able to transfer your current Xbox LIVE or PSN username to your NG console.
  7. [WiiU/3DS/NS] Super Smash Bros

    I wish that Square Enix would have gotten in on this, as Square and Nintendo have worked on several games together, but nothing recently. (I think the most recent was Chocobo Tales for the DSi) If they had of gotten together, I would have expected to see either Cloud or Sephiroth in it. Sadly, Square did not get included as of yet, but I am still hoping.
  8. New Characters in Mugen

    I want good characters of Gorillaz (2-D, Murdoc, Russel, Noodle, RoboNoodle, and Del the Funky Homosapian)
  9. Are there any Gorillaz characters? (2-D, Noodle, Robo-Noodle, Russel, and Murdoc.)
  10. ideas for victory quotes

    "Even in darkness, the light shall always remain"-Best victory quote EVER!!!!!!
  11. ideas for victory quotes

    IF Princess Molestia (Spoof of Princess Molestia) was in MUGEN I guess your body wasn't ready, That was some good molest...I mean fighting. Oh, over so quickly. Excuse me, I left Applejack in the dungeon again. Royal duty calls. Now is when I break out the crops and flogs.
  12. The Hardest Boss that YOU have ever faced.

    Try fighting The Warrior on Borderlands 2 on Vault Hunter mode...holy shit
  13. The Hardest Boss that YOU have ever faced.

    New hard bosses: Queen Black Dragon (Runescape) Alex Mercer {Insane Difficulty}(Prototype 2) Safer Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)
  14. A true Swag Story

    Just for your information SWAG was developed back in 1969 by gay hollywood stars as a way to inform other gay men about an orgy. It stood for "Secretly We Are Gay" SWAG
  15. MFFA Characters Championship

    All characters have been added to the roster