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  1. Super Smash Bros. Mugen by K.Y-Shanxi

    you accept my zach tough char? :D
  2. Altia From Battle Master

    thanks to video #^^#!TZtHhAzQ!__Hpc4phMxtg8T0Xr_4QidO24tLH5Cnk7_h4-3Px8d8 new link with ex moves ^^
  3. Altia From Battle Master

    OMG, just now I saw the posts mentioning the missing state '' exmoves '' I really got to do this cns containing the former moves, however inadvertently ended up not putting in my zip. as the character files are not with me right now, I will reupá it later when you get home. I'm sorry it was really my error has. x.x
  4. Battle Master / Kyukyoku no Senshitachi

    Thanks, this is honnor for me *--*
  5. Altia From Battle Master

    Welcome and thanks to coment and download #^^#
  6. Altia From Battle Master

    Thanks / Obrigado ^^
  7. Altia From Battle Master

    Altia From Battle Masters Nome do char: Altia by Kiske Otoko Data de criação do char: 08,15,2015 Versão do Mugen: 04,14,2002 Nome do autor: Kiske Otoko Home Page: No page this moment T.T Download (Updated) : Here (Portuguese) Ela faz parte de um pequeno projeto de FullGame do game Battle Master do Snes que se trata de um remake, ainda falta umas coisas maaas.. ela está jogável. Optei pelos sons padrão do Kung Fu man para melhor padroniza-la depois no Full Game O que falta? - Adicionar + sons novos - Corrigir Bugs (English) It is part of a small project FullGame game Battle Master Snes that this is a remake, there is still some stuff .. but it is playable. I chose the default sounds of Kung Fu man to better standardize it after the Full Game What is missing? - + Add new sounds - Fix Bugs Download (Updated) : Here
  8. Battle Master / Kyukyoku no Senshitachi

    I'm doing the missing to fullgame, and I'm renovating my char Syoh that was forgotten by Mugen universe. sorry if relived the topic but it's for a good cause. :) Edit: more one on the list :D
  9. Battle Master (Snes) - Altia

    Eeeeeeeeee \o/
  10. Battle Master (Snes) - Altia

    Thank you *u*, Do it for the Mugen being fun. in the original game the projectile it is very small and almost can not see and she has few sprites and so I have to improvise right? ^^"
  11. Battle Master (Snes) - Altia

    Nooow, First Mugen Video Test *u*
  12. [Lifebar1280] Spikers Battle

    the link is broken x.x
  13. Battle Master (Snes) - Altia

    Thanks ^^ I'll be doing my best: 3
  14. Battle Master (Snes) - Altia

    Sorry, is not finished yet, there are some scams that I'm having trouble. x.x yes yes, I am happy to now be taking comments ^^