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  1. Charles Manson finally got the punishment he was supposed to get 46 years ago, only because nature hasn't abolished the death penalty yet :p

  2. ViN4Mui.gif

    Did someone say grabs? Did someone say projectiles? How about both?

    1. RoySquadRocks


      BRILLIANT! As always! Keep up a great work!

    2. Mister Fael

      Mister Fael

      Was expecting Scorpion's "Get over here!"

    3. Nodog


      To be honest, I expected Mewtwo's F-throw.

  3. In9ujPd.gif

    We grapplers now

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    2. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Awesome!!!

    3. GarfieldfanMUGEN


      I took her...


      A N D  T H R E W  H E R  O N  T H E  G R O U N D

    4. CSAvion78


      Unlike Zangief's throw, That's a nice one.

  4. ZUN confirms that, depending on how well the Steam version of Hidden Star in Four Seasons sells, he will be porting to Steam all previous windows Touhou games starting with Impossible Spell Card and onward, including the unreleased Gold Rush bonus game (no Steam release of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil to Double Dealing Character, unfortunately).


    He's also confirmed that none of the Steam releases, with the exception of Antinomy of Common Flowers, will have any english or other foreign language localizations, similar to what was done when Double Dealing Character was released on Playism a few years back.


    Source: https://www.gamespark.jp/article/2017/11/14/76810.html


    1. Xiristatos


      I, Xiristatos, am all on it. Gonna get meself (nearly) all them Touhous for me... I don't even know, I just really like Twohue.

    2. GarfieldfanMUGEN


      We can always get EoSD patched, though.


      (won't be the same tho)

  5. Bug Wars episode 3: Revenge of the Dupe Posts

    1. White Ranger

      White Ranger

      what do suppose it is now?

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    2. Ricepigeon




      ^ A breakdown/review of the whole comic, for those interested

    3. Xiristatos


      >"sent the internet into meltdown"

      >shows a few tweets and nothing else as an example

      >according to most news outlets: twitter = the whole internet

      >twitter totally doesn't fucking suck ass shit

    4. Pluscross


      Clusterfuck... Describes that mess perfectly. And this site calls that "a rich and interesting" entry into Mega Man's history. Ugh...


      All I remember is Roll being the protagonist in that article... And a dirty fanservice protag one at that, ugh... Just ugh...

  6. After a series of testing, it looks like we've FINALLY killed the dupe post bug for good. Now we just wait for the final test this Saturday to see if our efforts truly were successful. @RobotMonkeyHæd

    1. RobotMonkeyHæd


      Yes so far, all the tests look good.  I'm no longer able to manually trigger it.

      On top of that, I was able to convert the table to InnoDB format once again, which was Алескей's prior fix that solved it for a couple months, until an IPS upgrade converted it irreversibly (until now) back to MyISAM format, thus reviving the bug.

      Sooo it looks like we're in the clear.  Me and the guy I hired are still waiting for Saturday morning to roll around for the final test, and if by some miracle this thing is still alive, we're going to crush it then anyway.  

      So unless this bug gets bitten by a radioactive spider, we should be at the end of it.  I'll post confirmation Saturday morning.

    2. White Ranger

      White Ranger

      Keeping my fingers crossed that it stays dead.

    3. sonikun


      Same here

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    2. sonikun
    3. Nodog


      Goodbye, Kinect.






      Oh, I meant "good riddance, Kinect."

    4. The Auditor

      The Auditor

      Angry Joe would be proud

  7. umcardth.jpg

    Prepare for trouble and make it dou.. wait, didn't you guys disband 17 years ago?

  8. 9bafe9d3b9728aa49aa670e0d65aedbf.jpg?v=1

    This is legit... This is actually happening...

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    2. Xiristatos
    3. Erroratu


      every Win quote is just "Fuck you"

    4. Ricepigeon




      Morrigan: "Mmm.. Just who are you?"

      Dante: "I'm your prom date you ugly sack of shit"

  9. In case anyone noticed the multi-post & profile error bugs that normally occur on Saturday, that's because we were deliberately trying to trigger the bug to narrow down the cause of it, so that we might fix it once and for all. We haven't fixed it yet, but at least we now know where it's originating from.

    1. sonikun


      Ohhh. I see. That makes sense 

  10. So the reason why Nidorina and Nidoqueen can't breed has finally been revealed;
    Turns out it was never a programming oversight or limitation. Its because the female Rhinoceros, which the Nido family is based on, are known to become sterile while in captivity for reasons currently unknown to science. Male rhinos (Nidoran-M, Nidorino, and Nidoking) and juvenile rhinos (Nidoran-M & Nidoran-F) in captivity are unaffected by this.
  11. When you're planning something rather sneaky for the future...


    1. White Ranger

      White Ranger

      Your newest WIP?


      I gotta say, ever since I started creating issues of the FAWN, and testing your Touhou characters, I've slowly been getting more and more interested in the series. My favorite character so far is Cirno.

    2. Ricepigeon


      Newest WIP? Not for a while as I still have Suika planned, but the chances of Tewi actually happening are up there.

  12. How the events of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom really started:



    1. Genderless Child

      Genderless Child

      Shit.... RIP Tamez.

    2. Flowrellik


      Tamez was a pretty swag guy. He made stages that had a bit of fun and excitement, even added some easter eggs. He has done a fantastic job in the stage dept and was a fun guy to talk to in xat chats.
      Life's not going to be the same without the guy..May he rest in peace. My condolences to GLB and his family.

  13. Release Ransoms are still a thing?

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    2. Ricepigeon


      Basically announcing the release of a mugen character/stage, but the actual release requires people to do something trivial (ie: donate to a patreon/reach 50+ likes on a YT video/etc) before the author actually releases it. Deliberately hiding the password to the character's zip file behind a maze of adfly links qualifies as this as well.

    3. Ricepigeon


      In other words, a literal ransom.

    4. thebuddyadrian


      Well thats dumb

  14. This guy is taking the term "deus ex machina" to a whole new level..




    1. Xiristatos


      And wow, what an utter twat as well. I'll say whatever has ever been said about Facebook or goddamn Twitter... but I, Xiristatos, will absolutely refuse to "drive" any self-driving car in my lifetime and I'm guaranteedly not exactly the only person on the planet with this thinking. Ugly and bland as all hell and lethally prone to mistakes? I would rather publicly castrate myself with nothing but a corkscrew.

    2. RMaster007


      What operations system is he running? DOS Ex Machina?

  15. Use the Safebrowse extension for Chrome? Might wanna uninstall it, ASAP


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    2. Xiristatos


      Well... on paper it suddenly doesn't sound lame at all because, well... how to put it... fuck adfly.

      And sure, I can definitely see that this is legal... I mean, in the same way like it isn't exactly illegal to fart on someone's face in public while screaming "GAS ATTACK! GAS ATTACK!!!!"

    3. Ricepigeon


      A more accurate comparison would be the difference between using bitcoins to purchase a PS4 from amazon, and using bitcoins to purchase 50 kg of cocaine; the use of the currency isn't illegal in itself, but what you're using it for can be.

    4. Xiristatos


      That's a much better comparison for sure. Though now that we're talking about accuracy, I might wanna add... me and my position towards "accuracy", like you just saw in my last comment. To be quite serious, whenever I feel like putting something in a negative light, accuracy is not what I can perfectly accomplish. Mostly whenever I make comparisons or just simply try to talk about something that annoys me in some manner, all I put my effort in is to be as mind-crushingly offensive as inhumanly possible.

  16.  Crisis averted, RMH says we're good for another year

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    2. Xiristatos


      Ah... nice, good. Aaaaand... when's gonna be the next time you guys have to worry about this?

    3. Ricepigeon


      365 days from now

    4. Xiristatos


      Well I mean... that's just fuckin' shit, man.

  17. unknown.png

    I forgot just how hilarious Weird Al can be...

    1. RMaster007


      He can make an oil painting with his butt.

    2. carloscristero


      Good to know I guess.........

  18. I actually saved money on buying the VC releases of Pokemon Gold & Silver by manually replacing the lithium battery in my Pokemon Silver cart, now it works just like it did back in 2001.

    1. PlasmoidThunder


      But now you can't transfer your Pokémon to Gen VII :}

    2. carloscristero


      I kind of like the free pokemon fan games. Pokemon Uranium and fusion is recommended. 

  19. Its September 19th, you know what that means...






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    2. SSBK65


      It's National Talk Like a Pirate Day, matey.

    3. carloscristero


      I guess I need to be American for it to make scene. :P

    4. carloscristero
  20. Just a reminder that 24 hours remain to sign up for the Touhou: Gensokyo Reloaded summer tournament


  21. Okami getting a PC port? Fucking sold. 



    1. Алексей


      I absolutely loved Ookami when it came to PS2. I played the fuck out of it and then again on Wii. Hearing that music again brought tears to my eyes, no joke. I wonder how the brush controls are going to be on PC. I know you can use a controller, in which case it would be like PS2, but would it support mouse?

    2. Ricepigeon


      I'd imagine mouse support would be the most logical conclusion, or they'd just do what they did on the PS2 version and make it arrow keys only (which would be awkward, but at least its plausible).

    3. Ricepigeon


      It just dawned on me that if Okami is getting a PC port, that also means modding...