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  1. [Gen6][3DS] Pokemon X & Y

    It also gets Swords Dance, and the fact that it gets Fire/Flying STAB AND Priority on every single Flying Type move is a huge boon, because it also gives him priority Roost. For example: As for your Charizard comparison, Talonflame and Charizard perform two different roles. Charizard, specifically MegaZard X, is a sweeper, while Talonflame is a revenge killer. Besides, you can always run him as a choice bander with U-turn if you dont like Swords Dance on him. But if your main concern is Stealth Rock, then you'd have to be pretty foolish to run Talonflame without Rapid Spin or Defog support. He may not be top OU like Scizor or Aegislash but he'll be high UU at worst I bet.
  2. [Gen6][3DS] Pokemon X & Y

    Nothing definitive yet but the following so far are more or less guaranteed to be OU based on their current useage: AegislashDoublade (eviolite)GreninjaDragoniteGalvantulaGoodraScizorAzumarillGengarMega GengarBlazikenMega BlazikenLucarioMega LucarioMega MawileMega Charizard XExcadrillTogekissTyranitarNoivernSkarmoryMagnezonePotential candidates: Mega BlastoiseTrevenantMega AggronMetagrossTalonflame
  3. Sagat 2 Eyes by Ssjfools and Bigboy....

    Just based on that screenshot, the outline of his legs looks way off.
  4. [Gen6][3DS] Pokemon X & Y

    Posers thinking they're Gen 1 Lance with his Barrier Dragonite, is what I say.
  5. [Gen6][3DS] Pokemon X & Y

    Perhaps nows a bad time to mention that I now have 510 Eevees stored in my boxes?
  6. [Gen6][3DS] Pokemon X & Y

    There is no event yet. The data is in the game, its just inaccessible without hacking, which someone just figured out how to do.
  7. Diancie, Volcanion, Hoopa, Mega Latios, and Mega Latias leaked

  8. [Gen6][3DS] Pokemon X & Y

    Someone hasnt had their daily dose of perfect nuzlocke runs then. :p Oh and is it just me or is X & Y much more enjoyable with the Exp share OFF? GF really dropped the ball on this one.
  9. Touhou Project

    Btw, the link you have for my newer stuff has a typo. It should be http://ricepigeon.webs.com/charactersmugen10.htm
  10. [Gen6][3DS] Pokemon X & Y

    Except people always knew about them in advance thanks to data mining the game's code. With 3DS games being AES-256 encrypted, everything we know about the games so far has to be done by hand, so we'll have no way of knowing if these things are real or not until either an official announcement from Nintendo or until someone succeeds in breaking the encryption (which wont be for another 2 years minimum).
  11. [Gen6][3DS] Pokemon X & Y

    So Serebii leaked some info about 3 event legendaries, one of which was Water/Fire, then quickly took the information down... Thoughts?
  12. Yoga Dhalsim has nothing on this though: Um... ... oh my...
  13. [Gen6][3DS] Pokemon X & Y

    I prefer to think of the Kalos legendaries this way: Xerneas = Brahma = Creator Zygarde = Vishnu = Preserver Yveltal = Shiva = Destroyer so yeah, the Hindu Trimurti works. Also Zygarde is only 600 BST? Thats even more underwhelming than normal Kyurem. Unless this thing somehow pulls a Genesect out of its ass, I see it becoming OU.
  14. [Gen6][3DS] Pokemon X & Y

    Exp Share is right after the first gym. Its no longer a held item, and it can be turned on/off at will, so you dont have to deposit it into the PC unlike Exp All. plus I hear that the exp that the inactive pokemon gain is much higher ratio than Exp All's.
  15. [Gen6][3DS] Pokemon X & Y

    Mega Tyranitar, Mega Aggron, Mega Alakazam, Mega Medicham, Mega Pinsir, Mega Banette, Mega Heracross, Mega Houndoom, and Mega Manectric: Mega Gengar confirmed to have Shadow Tag ability.Mega Tyranitar confirmed to retain Rock/Dark typing with Sand Stream ability.Mega Aggron confirmed to be pure Steel-type with Filter ability.Clefable is Pure Fairy-typeYou battle your rival in Kiloude City. Afterwards you get given an Absolite and sent to Sycamore who is in Anistar City. He will upgrade the Mega Ring to allow for detection of Mega Stones.The Mega Ring will only react to hidden Mega Stones after 8pmMega Pinsir is Bug/Flying-type. It has the ability Aerilate which turns Normal-type moves into Flying-typeMega Stones can only be found between 8pm and 9pmMega Banette is Ghost-type. It has the ability PranksterYou find Looker later in the game and he hires you as his assistant to investigate things in LumioseWhimsicott is Grass/Fairy-typeWeight now plays a factor in the move Sky DropBlizzard, Thunder, Fire Blast, Hydro Pump, and Hurricane: Reduced to 110 base power.Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, and Surf: Reduced to 90 base power.Bubble: Increased to 40 base power.Frost Breath: Increased to 60 base Power.Fury Cutter: Increased to 40 base power.Hidden Power: Base power is now 60 (no longer dependent on Pokemon's IVs).Low Sweep: Increased to 65 base power.Rock Tomb: Increased to 60 base power & 95 accuracy.Moonlight, Sweet Kiss & Charm are Fairy-type.Will-O-Wisp's accuracy has been increased to 85%Mega Pokemon gain an increase of 100 in stat total. Example - ST 485, MEvo ST 585 (Mega Mewtwo X/Y is 780 BST. Suck it Arceus :p)Arceus needs a new item called "Pixie Plate" in order to turn into a Fairy type.Faint Attack has been renamed "Feint Attack".Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist's base HP, Attack, and Speed change depending on its size.Houndoom is exclusive to X, while Manectric is exclusive to Y.Mega Houndoom gets Solar Power as its abilityMega Manectric gets Intimidate as its abilityMega Heracross gets Skill Link as its abilityHoundoomite and Heracrossite are exclusive to Y, while Manectite is exclusive to X.
  16. [Gen6][3DS] Pokemon X & Y

    Snubbull confirmed for Fairy re-typing (pure Fairy, not even Normal/Fairy)
  17. [Gen6][3DS] Pokemon X & Y

    Noivern pre-evo, Mega Tyranitar, and Mega Aggron
  18. Link: http://ricepigeon.webs.com Changelog for Alice:
  19. Your preferences scare me...
  20. Touhou Project

    Weird is an understatement at this point. Concerning is the better term, imo.
  21. Touhou Project

    so um..
  22. Why would Hitler order the execution of 6 million jews in the first place? Answer to both: Who the fuck cares, the point is that they did it and there is no excuse for either.
  23. OWNED. Now we ban the piece of shit attention whore like we did with Navana and move on, yes?