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  1. CvS Benimaru by Byakko

    I'm searching for Benimaru made by Byakko; the original site that was held by Internet Wayback Machine was down because of Robots.txt; and I can't get access to download that character. Help and a response is appreciated.
  2. Is there any chance you can send Fusako as well? I've searched for her everywhere; but no avail; a response is appreciated.

    1. Xx_MasterIlluminati_xX


      If you have MUGEN 1.0, I Will tell for you, Fusako only Works in Winmugen

  3. AI patch for Vanessa by Deuce&Sander71113

    Thanks Very Much! ^_^ "Solved!"
  4. I'm desperately looking for an AI patch that was modified by Ikaruga; because now most of his AI patches are now offline! A response will be appreciated please!
  5. Requesting for Konata Izumi(Updated) by Ouchi

    And I thought it was offline for good. Thanx.
  6. This version of Konata Izumi was already updated by Ouchi; but it appears the character is already offline. Any chance providing a link leading to the character? A response will be appreciated.
  7. Does anybody has Yatogami Tohka by Daily, Dark Ruler, and YKUN? I know this is the same since some Mugenites are requesting this char. It would be nice if send this character by PM this is a "VERY HARD" character to obtain. Let me know a response.
  8. A Request for AI patch for Beppu's Gato

    Thnx much.
  9. Anybody has an AI patch made by もんすん for Beppu's Gato? The Skydrive is already offline and I'm unable to access his site. A response will be nice.
  10. Toki AI patch by koikoi

    Anybody has Toki's AI patch by koikoi? Koikoi's Skydrive appears to be offline along with Toki's AI patch and I've searched everywhere. A response will be nice while I continue searching.

    Thnx much!
  12. Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax

    Kirino Kousaka by YU-TOHARU is offline just to give you the heads up.
  13. I will like to request Kirino by YU-TOHARU; I was planning to get her in YU-TOHARU'S Skydrive but now she and YU-TOHARU's other characters are offline. A response will be nice.
  14. King K.Rool by Darkruler

    Thnx for the reminder (on second post.) -_-'. Furthermore; that file in mediafire was somehow removed because of their terms of violations; (sigh).
  15. King K.Rool by Darkruler

    Does anybody have King K. Rool by Darkruler? I plan to play as him; but the links leading to his download are all broken. A response will be nice.