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  1. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] Ragnarok [COMMENT] Yep. It's Ragnarok baby! From Battletoads in Battlemaniacs. It's got animations, zoom, superjump and a rocking looped bgm. My favorite track in the whole series. Thanks for the sprites, Omega. Enjoy.
  2. Pretty cool idea. Another addition to one of my all time favorite projects.
  3. Enjoy yaself, homie Have at it bro.
  4. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] Eat my shorts! [COMMENT] Come on. You HAD to love this game. It was sooo epic! So I was finally in the mood to do this one and here it is. They got the usual stuff, mang. Superjump, looped bgm animations and zoom. The elevator doesn't have zoom cuz I wanted to stay true to the claustrophobic elevator feel. Some of the stages were broken up into sections, otherwise you wouldn't been able to use the entire sprite. And the frog on the Cemetary stage may or may not work on 1.0*looks at Staubhold *. Thanks to Random Talking Bush for the sprites. Now enjoy your stay in the surprisingly dangerous lovely town of Springfield.
  5. The epic old school screenpack of the year!
  6. Will you be my..."waffle?"
  7. Yea especially that last stage.
  8. Your guess is as good as mine. At any rate we may get there faster if ride on his shoulders. Ultraman! How bout giving us a lift?
  9. As the heroes head into the city, a commotion can be seen ahead. The city is in turmoil as the dragon can be seen overhead. TV's and monitors across the city begin to show coverage of the beast.... (Looks like he's on the move. But I guess he never wasn't. Gotta keep moving...)
  10. We're back!
  11. It's fine. I can sense Iblis. Feel free to follow... LightFlare heads North into the City...
  12. The Creators section is gone. Wuzzup wit dat?
  13. Sup fellas? Y'all leveled up?! Cool.
  14. ( acts as if this is some story online. We should be moving. Hmm...Oro and Kahrelimi are getting close.) Aya, pardon me. But have you actually seen Iblis in the vicinity?
  15. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] Renagaaaades! Come out and Plaaaa-eee-aaaay! [COMMENT] It's them Renegades, tho! An arcade classic with a classic name! Comes with the US and Japanese versions of each stage. Stage 2, I guess, wasn't any different on the east or west side of the world. But anyway the got Superjump, zoom and classic looped bgm. Now knuckle up and let's brawl!