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  1. That's the one...but I made my piece with him now. I should update that...
  2. Lol! Somebody at MFG talking trash!? Lol! Like that mess really matter or something! Yo Trini, don't even sweat that at ALL! It's all fun. I let them get me fired up once. All it got me was me acting out of character, demoted and flammed into oblivion. Not to mention ashamed of my actions. Ended up with a hilarious stage tho...and dropped some hot stages afterwards so I earned my rank back and more stars. So...meh. I guess it made me work harder actually. Seriously, sup wit dat?
  3. The B.Rap Boys Food Stand Stage for Mugen 1.0

    Lol! Very cool stage from what seems to be a very funny game.
  4. Mugen World Order 1.1 by Vegaz

    Thanks homie. They were the reason I got so into wrestling.
  5. Mugen World Order 1.1 by Vegaz

    So do I, comrade. Thanks. Yep...but it's not TOTALLY out of the question.
  6. Mugen World Order 1.1 by Vegaz

    Thanks for the love bro.
  7. Mugen World Order 1.1 by Vegaz

    Wow...that's a lot. You could actually edit system.def file. Just increase the number or rows and then add more characters to your select.def file. Unless you need to see them which case you might be showt homie.
  8. Mugen World Order 1.1 by Vegaz

    Thanks homie. It was kinda my style. I've released a couple screenpacks using a similar port style. But it was inspired by some of my favorite screenpacks from back In the day. Thanks bro. I knew you'd like it. It would be perfect for your vidz bro.
  9. Mugen World Order 1.1 by Vegaz

    [PREVIEW] RESERECTION! [DOWNLOAD] Mu-Mu-Mugen World Order [COMMENT] This was my first ever screenpack...It was a homage to my love of wrestling. Some are you may even remember that my first 8 or10 releases were rI ng stages. Yep...good times. Don't worry, I aint done making those either. But this right here is near and dear to my heart. Added a few sprites here and there. Comes with lifebars and a few half decent custom ports. I kinda suck at that so....yeah....Anywho! Classic WCW soundtrack and ya boy Alpyne_D on the mic as "The Annoncer. " It's not revolutionary or anything, but it's pretty cool I guess. Heh. Have fun.
  10. Shantae's Creepy Temple Stage for mugen 1.0 & 1.1

    Cool stage bro.
  11. The Role-Play Paradise

    *blinded by light still plays* Suddenly all the heroes were together again. It seemed Thanatos was severely outnumbered, but another threat emerged. With the sudden influx of demons pouring into the Distortion, an all out battle would soon ensue.... (What?! Giovanni?! And everyone from the beginning. How did time. This is my opening! ) LightFlare notices the approaching demons... (Huh...DEMONS! It looks like Giovanni and Magio are mounting an attack on Thanatos. But who is the young man with the scythe? His power is...immense. He seems to be in our side...good.) Well...looks like I have multiple targets. I DO like a challenge...let's battle! LightFlare engages multiple demons, disabling them one by one... My blood pumps harder with every blow! Come at me! As LightFlare battles, he notices two powerful demons approaching him...their power was significantly higher than the rest. Strangely they did not attack... @Agni Blackheart
  12. Sonic Blast Man Stages 1 and 2 by Vegaz

    As long as I'm around, bro. Thanks.
  13. ActRaiser's Remake- Fillmore Forest Stage for Mugen 1.0 & 1.1

    Good use if the delta bro.
  14. Sonic Blast Man Stages 1 and 2 by Vegaz

    Thanks for the love bro.