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  1. Fatal Fury Laurence Blood Stage By Vegaz

    Lol! I don't rip, so I use what sprites I can find on the net. I've got one more FF stage to drop, but unless I find more rips that's it. The arcade probably does look better
  2. Fatal Fury Laurence Blood Stage By Vegaz

    Thanks, Kyo.
  3. Fatal Fury Laurence Blood Stage By Vegaz

    [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] Sup wit da cape, bro? [COMMENT] Another classic from my childhood. Laurence was cool...and vicious. So enjoy his stage, both day and night. It's got superjump, zoom, looped bgm and parallax. Yep, more of them Omega sprites. Enjoy.
  4. All 3 SNES Kamen Rider Mugen Stage for mugen 1.0

    Cool stuff, OG.
  5. The Role-Play Paradise

    Excellent. I get to see the skills you inherited from your Family. I'm very interested in seeing just how strong you truly are. Your parents were good, but I sense a level of strength within you that potentially surpasses them. I'm worried about Iblis...but...I'm excited to do battle. I've still got some fight left in me...
  6. The Role-Play Paradise

    Well my dear Kahre, it looks like you're going to meet LightFlare sooner than we thought. It seems Iblis is on it's way here. And Liquid Snake, the leader of a military group know as Foxhound is headed hear as well. I have no doubt that he intends to us Iblis to further his evil ambitions. As a result, LightFlare and the others should be returning as well. I hope you are willing to help...because we our world will need all the help it can get. I sense a great battle ahead for us all...
  7. The Role-Play Paradise

    Meanwhile, back at the Outskirts of Kalos City Oro attempts to contact LightFlare. LightFlare! What's the situation? Thanatos has been defeated. We found Iblis, but it escaped...into a portal...and it leads to GZ2. coming here?! No...but how? I don't know. The portal appeared so suddenly. Soon after Iblis revealed itself and escaped before anyone could do anything about it. And worse. Liquid Snake has resurfaced as well. He seems to be planning to use Iblis. For what I don't know. He went through the same portal and is heading to GZ2 as well. It can feel it coming... It won't be long... Then we'd better hurry. Trinitroman! You ready or what?
  8. MFFA's Off-topic Thread - Version 2.0

    wait...that actually made sense?! Only in this thread...
  9. MFFA's Off-topic Thread - Version 2.0

    Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah...aaaaand.... ...that looks kinda cozy...
  10. The Role-Play Paradise

    (Looks like it's time to head home...but what awaits us?)
  11. Fatal Fury 2 Kim Stage by Vegaz

    Thanks OG.
  12. Fatal Fury 2 Kim Stage by Vegaz

    Thanks bro. Enjoy.
  13. Fatal Fury 2 Kim Stage by Vegaz

    [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] What about that Takwan-Tho? [COMMENT] Ahh...memories. Most of them are filled with "AAAH-TATATATATAAAAH!" Yep, Kim Kaphwan. This his his Fatal Fury 2 stage. Added superjump, zoom and parallax to the floor. And of course the rock'n looped bgm, ya dig? Props to Davias at Spriters Resource. Enjoy yahself.
  14. MFFA's Shit Thread: Chimichanga Edition

    I watched that over and over...
  15. FF2 Joe Stage by Vegaz

    You know I stay on my grizzil'. Preciate dat.