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  1. Been a while since I popped up here I see some new faces XD

    1. Lord Batros

      Lord Batros

      this is so weird, i was looking in old stage post about an hour ago and saw where u posted and i was wondering what u were up to, good to see your still alive and well - ZombieBrock 

    2. Black chaos

      Black chaos

      Good to see you still kicking as well, was looking at the old GamingFreeForAll channel and thought why not see what's going on with MFFA

  2. No I didn't but I forgot that the dlc stages don't count toward them only being on one system over the other like when the game first was released
  3. Out the void to say I'm back XD It's a group on the steam program that allows you to see what game the people in the group have or are playing at the time, it has it's on chat room to set up games to play with others
  4. I voted for something XD
  5. bummed that the dlc stage wii u version is getting is most likely going to just be Dr. Marios
  6. Hey can yall do me a fav and vote for me in this I'd like to win a ps4 I'd greatly appreciate it :D

  7. yes the new stages as well as the 5 capcom characters are from SfxT it's a way of capcom saying we are done with that game. In tourny Cammy is the most hated character for this version of the game. She was always a good character but shes great in this version the only other 2 character that are up there with her are akuma and Fei long.
  8. She's alway a charge character which makes how she plays alot different, she plays more like Juni from Alpha 3 the only problem people have with her is she looks like cammy who is the most hated character right now
  9. They left us out D:
  10. I can drop some tips on Cody. Now while all of Cody Crim Up are good attack both the Mp and Hp versions are un safe on block meaning if you just throw them out you will get punished for it. Lp can also be punished but only by fast normals with good range. Oh almost forgot Ex. Crim Up you can not be thrownso keep that in mind on wake ups. Zonk Knuckle or Bingo Now I love this move and also hate it because one it's not safe however it goes threw fireballs if timed right and the Ex version if you fadc it can keep the combo going Ex Bingo > fadc dash forward > Forward HK > Ex Crim up or MK Crack kick (if you don't have the meter) there is a rumor that the normal version of bingo can be fadc but that hasn't been proved yet I'll let you know after the location test they are having in a few weeks. Now Bad rock is a tool you don't want to spam all the time because it has a slow start up however if you mix in the fake bad rock throw you can give people slipping by forcing them to do a move that you can punish. Next your counter set ups Cody has some of the highest damage and stun out put in the game off a counter hit. a good counter hit set up would be Forward + Mp > crouch lp > wait or go right into crouch hp (also to note if they get hit when they are crouch it puts them in a standing state) . Note if you hit with a counter hit you get an extra frame to put in an command, and Cody can land Ult 2 off any counter hit even from a lp. Know you're Anti- air attacks Cody Back Mp is one of the best in the game as an AA attack, Crouch Hp works too however if they space there jump right they can go over it. Last thing I say work on his Plinking it helps make Cody links easier. I'll post some video I've watched that can help your Cody game in a bit. I've played Cody on and off since Super came out and I'm back to him again since the update to Ultra was revaled. hope this helps
  11. Let BigSally take over lol
  12. I'll be keeping my eye on this
  13. I know how you feel Ryon that one of the reason I disappear and pop back up everyonce in a while, I always check the site but don't post all the time.
  14. Congrats Bruce :D