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  1. Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Sagat W.I.P.

    Looking forward to this Sagat dude. I think this is gonna be a beast.
  2. Now all it need is some nice palettes.
  3. Were do you often rip 3D Sprites?
  4. Thanos Intro and Ending done by me.

    Wow, just based on a comic. Very nice for your first intros and endings!
  5. Ultra Combo voices still in japanese. Might want to look at that.
  6. SF3 Necro by Rajaaboy released 4/13/13

    I got two Necro's now. Rajaa's creation is very unique and it even has a score system like playing on Arcades. Just wow....
  7. I didn't know Spider-Carnage has a Sentinel. Still it seems to be more beta and it needs work 'cause I think it lacks more frames and little tweeking in clsns.
  8. Most Overused Attack?

    projectiles and crouch strong kick that knocks down opponent
  9. You might want to lengthen the hair spikes in his head and in the body and torso the details are good. Keep it up!
  10. It's a good idea indeed, I like the newspaper Win Screen style. Keep it up abls1!
  11. Its a good thing people like me loves your work and doesn't care about accuracy but its alright to have mistakes its normal. Some people are bashful maybe because they're insecure. I "HOPE" to see these chars comin' if you release them soon. Good day!
  12. Please don't comparing yourself to Mr. I and stop all those posting bad history on MFG it's over now, just move on. Do what you have to do. You and Mr. I could be powerhouse if you work together.
  13. Who cares about accuracy, as long as the character is fun to play. Just don't bore yourself in making these characters Borewood have fun with them, especially make Oni a boss.
  14. Mike Haggar by Sean Altly Released

    Well that's the best Haggar sprite I've ever seen. It's about time he had released it.!