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  1. Update. Added 110 slots, replaced the link.
  2. Just finished up working on the SFEX SP. (more slots) Only thing left to do is put in some chars to show off and it should be ready for release tomorrow.

    1. Galvatron


      Nice Job Toxic. =)

    2. Toxic

      Toxic and Releases/SFEX Screenpack/mugen007_zps802f1a63.png
  3. Thanks, I love doing this kind of stuff. Hopefully I can improve my skills and make something original one day.... And btw. I forgot to mention this but I'm trying to edit this SP again to hold even more characters. I'll post it here when it's finished.
  4. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] - 110 slots (just for ppl who dowloaded the SP before the update as it's in the latest download^) - [COMMENT] Edit of Phantom Bloods Screenpack which holds more characters. It has a secret row below. Enjoy....
  5. Love In Venice by Vegaz

    Looking good as always bro. Just one thing though. On the 2nd pic, the rope on the far right looks pixelated (i think that's the word I'm looking for) and a bit noticeable. But I'm guessing it's like that in the original game.
  6. KOF 96 Lifebar WIP (1.0)

    Yea I''ll keep it the way it is. Finished up Sim mode now. (picture added at the top) So that just leaves the round animations (which is going to be a pain in the ass) and fixing up the win icon.
  7. KOF 96 Lifebar WIP (1.0)

    I forgot to show turns mode, which is pretty much done. I'm still deciding if I should put the team portraits like in the original game. But maybe this looks better, idk. Oh and I removed that lifebar animation I talked about (I just realized that the x in p1's side is misaligned)
  8. KOF 96 Lifebar WIP (1.0)

    Yea I know It doesn't have it but I just wanted to add it in. That's just the animation that the lifebar has. I forgot to remove that.
  9. Any lifebar that I am currently converting to 1.0 will be posted here. I'm converting/editing OrochiKof97's KOF 96 lifebar and I'm almost done with it. I still need to do the sim bars and the round animations. I need some suggestions on the win icon though. Do you guys think it should be at the top or bottom of the power bar? Or maybe somewhere else?
  10. Quick question: Is there any way in FF3 to move a bunch of sprites together?

  11. SF3 2nd Impact lifebar 1.0

    nope 640x480.
  12. SF3 2nd Impact lifebar 1.0

    Na, there weren't supposed to be any changes. I just made it fit for 1.0. (I think I worded it wrong when I posted it up) Anyway, thanks Yuyu!
  13. SF3 2nd Impact lifebar 1.0

    Lifebar updated. Added 2v2 mode and posted a picture up top.
  14. SF3 2nd Impact lifebar 1.0

    This is how it appears in Mugen 1.0 I just re sized it basically. I guess I should have put 1.0 in the title.
  15. SF3 2nd Impact lifebar 1.0

    [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] [COMMENT] My first official release for Mugen. Zions lifebar was too small for 1.0 so I just re sized it. Hope you guys enjoy! Hopefully I can release more stuff in the future...