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  1. What do you hate/don't like in a Mugen Char?

    Anything that prevents me from getting/finding/downloading a MUGEN character I want to add to my own's MUGEN roster but can't do it because it is download link is missing.
  2. How do you discover Mugen?

    Over a decade ago I saw Evil Dan somewhere on the internet and after I searched more about him on the internet I learned about the existence of MUGEN and those characters made for it.
  3. All DX chars by dragoon316 (MegaPack) - WinMugen & 1.0

    I saw a Hyper DX Sakura in a Youtube video uploaded by Youtube user DJSasukeUchiya but I'm not sure if she was made by dragoon316, DJSasukeUchiya or someone else.
  4. keeping Aeris/Aerith alive without codes.

    I'm glad that after 14 years of people making hoaxes about reviving Aeris/Aerith finally some people found out how to save her for real without codes.
  5. Yukino (KOFM Lv2 Version) by zelgadis released (10/02/2012)

    I searching for Yukino download link, but I din't found her. I read there for more info about Yukino: http://www.mugenimpe...p?topic=739.165 Then I found this: Quote from Juan Antonio Ruiz check on May 4, 2012, 10:54:23 am: "zel, se que es tarde para preguntar, pero por que sacaste a la yukino lv2 de los chars open, y cuando se lanzara el proximo char, o no lanzaras mas?" Which translated to english means something like this: "zel, is that too late to ask, but why did you remove Yukino lv2 from the chars download list on the OP, and when are you going to launch the next char, or you are not going to release chars anymore?" Zelgadis changed his mind and made Yukino (KOFM Lv2 Version) private
  6. Most hated mugen character.

    I don't hate any Mugen creator, I don't hate any Mugen character either. What I don't like about Mugen is when years passes without someone leaking/warehousing the rare/private Mugen character.
  7. Things you want to see in Smash bros 4 if it gets made

    Can any character Bandai or Namco have ever used/created be actually add by Namcobandai to the Smash Bros 4's character roster or the license has limitations? Cless, Arche, Mint and Dhaos from Tales of Phantasia. Ashlotte Maedel and Astaroth from Soul Calibur IV. Cervantes, Sophitia, Yoshimitsu from any of the Soul Calibur games. The final boss from Splatterhouse 2. Rick, Mutated Rick, the Evil One and the Terror Mask from Splatterhouse 3. Dig Dug. Pac-Man from Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures, Pac-Man World, Pac-Land, Pac-In-Time, etc. Cheetara from Thundercats. Brook and any of the other characters from One Piece. The Tick from The Tick. Goku from any of the Dragon Ball Z video games. Edward and Spike from Cowboy Bebop. Naraku from any of the InuYasha video games. Any of the aliens from Power Rangers: Ninja Storm. Sailor Moon from any of the Sailor Moon video games. Any of the bosses from Monster Party. Don Cosmo from Cosmo Gang: The Video. The orange haired heroine from the arcade version of Galaga '88, I hope she a least makes a cameo as a assist trophy. Mokujin, Doctor Bosconovitch, Yoshimitsu and Ogre from Tekken 3. Gilligan and Skipper from Gilligan's Island (nes version). Jekyll and Hyde from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (nes version). Dick Tracy from Dick Tracy (nes version). Bonehead from Toxic Crusaders (nes version). Alisa Bosconovitch from Tekken 6. Aisha Clanclan from Outlaw Star. Kamen Rider from Kamen Rider. Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura. Zero from Code Geass. Kei and Yuri from Dirty Pair. Characters from Galaxy Angel. The Major from Ghost in the Shell. Guu from Haré+Guu. Erola Nadekoff from Labyrinth of Flames. Characters and vehicles from Macross, Macross Plus, Macross 7, Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, Genesis Climber Mospeada, etc. MazinKaiser from MazinKaiser. Any of the Gundams. Any of the marionettes from Saber Marionette J. Any of the zodiac knights or saints from Saint Seiya Tenkai-hen (movie). Lina, Zelgadis, Zellos, Filia, Gourry, Amelia and Naga from any of the Slayers movies. Natsumi and Miyuki from You're Under Arrest. I never said Nintendo owned the characters, what I said is that Nintendo has obtained licenses from other media in the past. There is nothing stoping Nintendo from doing that again. Thanks Magio T. Margatroid for trying to teach me. About Rosalina, many people call her "Princess Rosalina". Bowletta has a moveset that is completely different from Bowser's. I like to see Sonic and Solid Snake appearing as playable characters in the next Smash Bros game; there are not guarantees that Nintendo would still have the license to use those characters again. About me saying I wanted Fire Mario and Fire Luigi appearing in Smash Bros, what I actually mean was that I would like to see the nes/old school versions of Fire Mario and Fire Luigi appearing in Smash Bros. It is unfair that Wart did not appear in other games when every other character from Super Mario Bros 2 USA has appeared in many games, a least Nintendo could try to offer a explanation about why Wart's servants deserted Wart's army to join Bowser's army when Wart lost to Mario only once while Bowser has lost to Mario many more times. Fawful maybe has annoyed some players but he does have a fanbase, he has thousands of fans in Deviantart, the internet has over 82000 images depicting Fawful.
  8. Sudden Annoucement!

    Congratulations ZombieBrock.
  9. Things you want to see in Smash bros 4 if it gets made

    Mach Rider from Mach Rider. Tamagon from Devil World, he also appeared as a trophy in the japanese version of Super Smash Bros. Melee. Yoshi. Kamek. The protagonist from the Nes version of Excitebike, a sadomasochist sociopath who likes to crash into the course's obstacles, crash into the other drivers' heads while waiting for them to get up to crash into them again and again for the lulz, even if doing any of these things would cause him to lose the race, he is basically a g-rated version of a Carmageddon's character, he also has high durability like Bowser, he is nude or wears a nude colored expandex in official artwork: http://en.wikipedia....ebike_cover.jpg Nintendo has used characters from other media in various of their published games before like for example Doki Doki Panic, Pokemon, Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution, Spartan X (Nes adaptation of Jackie Chan's Wheels on Meals movie), the Nes and Arcade versions of Popeye.
  10. Things you want to see in Smash bros 4 if it gets made

    I would like to see Smash Bros having a bigger character roster while also having those characters either as playable characters or bosses: Tashrooba from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. Goombella. Original version of Bowser, he is the sorcerous character Bowser used to be before the Nintendo 64's video games retconned out both Bowser's magical powers and the Koopalings. Original version of Bowser appeared in the Nes version of Mario Bros, the remakes of the first Mario Bros, The Super Mario Super Show cartoon and Mario OVA. Original version of Bowser's fighting style and powers are different from current Bowser, which means that original version of Bowser and current Bowser would have almost completely different movesets, because the original version of Bowser is capable of shapeshifting, is a cosplayer who likes to play dress up with his servants, can turn people into coin blocks, can transform people into Bowser clones, uses potions to teleport, he usually does not have a flame breath, he can spit fireballs; He also has various forms like Count Koopula, Koopenstein, Koopzilla, Robo Koopa, etc. Since during both the second half of the eighties and the first half of the nineties the original version of Bowser was consistently portrayed as a character who has shapeshifting powers (which he can use on himself or others) he could also have shapeshifting powers in Smash Bros too. The justin bailey version of Samus (AKA green haired Samus wearing a bikini). CD-I Ganon from both Link: The Faces of Evi and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon's low quality version of cutscenes uploaded in Youtube. Fat Mario and Gay Luigi from those Hotel Mario's low quality version of cutscenes uploaded in Youtube. Wart from Super Mario 2 USA and Super Mario Advance. Most of Wart's mooks became part of the Mario canon in various Mario games but Wart never appeared again in a Mario game outside of a cameo in Super Mario Bros 3; there is not reason for Wart to no appear again in a Nintendo's video game, Mario didn't kill him, Mario feed him vegetables until Wart fainted, which means he is not dead, thus he can come back for revenge without breaking the willing suspension of disbelief. Morthophelus from Nintendo Comics System, he is Bowser's biological father. Geno. Giygas. If the heroes from the Mother games appear in Smash Bros then how about making Earthbound's big bad appear in Smash Bros? Giygas is after all famous enough to appear in 400,000+ search results in Google. Giant young Cranky Kong from the arcade version of Donkey Kong. Solid Snake. Naked Snake from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Sonic. Birdo. A female character from any of the Fire Emblem games. Fire Mario, Fire Luigi. Super Princess Peach from The Super Mario Super Show cartoon. Princess Rosalina. Shadow Queen. Bowletta. Fawful.