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  1. Piccolo vs his supposed subsitute in DBZ anime, aka Pikkon.
  2. Freezer 4th Form released, and Ginyu too. + Updated Freezer 3 forms (I used another tech for making death beam more dangerous).
  3. ok... I go to test this, thanks again^^ EDIT: morveover I found better transformation sprites, I have to update this. x)
  4. "2. C command can be spammed till p2 death, but does stop when power level = 0 3. Z command can be spammed til p2 death, should be nerfed damage, this apply to all forms" I know already this, without finding solution for now "4. finger beam could use some more damage" => same thing, p2 fall too quickly, dunno why. Thanks for feedback ^^ & if someone got suggestions for correcting this, I'll appreciate. glad you liked.
  5. credits to Son Goharotto Grim, Bonzai, Al and Z-Fighter for freezer form2 sprites to BrunoSS/DarkKing, Trunks Trevelyan and Kopoloku for Dabura sprites link in video's description
  6. I plan to release Dabura and maybe a Freezer 3 forms....
  7. colisions boxes fixed ( I think I fixed all this time) no more black sprites used in game.
  8. like this, the post is better btw, I think this char was already posted, not sure. thanks anyway.
  9. UB22 game sucked, but the sprites are very close to the anime Glad you liked guys.
  10. ok, I just wanted to release it like that as a first step before a final version.
  11. that's that I said....
  12. still to do: -more sprites and palettes, -some colisions boxes to fix. ... that's why it's v.0.99 and not a final version. ^^ link in videos description.