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  1. Pokémon

    Ah crap. I don't know what's causing it.
  2. Pokémon

    I updated the Gardevoir MvC patch (already, geez). It should work on 1.0 now, plus I added and fixed a few things.
  3. Pokémon

    That's weird. I'm using M.U.G.E.N 1.1 beta 1 and it's working fine. Is the mugenversion in the "MVC.def" file "06,14,2003"? If not, try changing it to that and see what happens.
  4. Pokémon

    I created a patch for kater15's edit of Dshiznetz's Gardevoir that makes it psuedo-MvC style:
  5. Pokémon

    "Game Creator Tale Marill" by joeythemarillfan5678: And that's all you need to know.
  6. It's a WIP by EndercreeperMugen, meaning it's not available for now.
  7. File Hosting Websites

    There's also the bit-recent
  8. Cuphead

    Cagney Carnation by John Smith:!AAh0TSbB!ABXRKRzDXkZgwv9FlhJU46iWr-MHQUKxbiA-k9xoIzU Cagney Carnation sprite rips:!FYYjSbbZ!oMu2fTQeYDcUsYdcME5NdqujqXUwkS2QS1sk4J-dO7k
  9. Can you also give me a link to John Smith's Cagney Carnation

  10. Cuphead

    Don't worry, I have you covered: Brandly Hand/billyrivas's Cuphead and Mugman:!hJ43GDxC!2KIT_5_TAwc7jW4CCluetOx1ED0_9PmrPn2-TvzlUyk Flake's Cuphead and Mugman:!dAAhCSZQ!E0lpnTkNkP4DZu_H8CCA3TJWhUsHdsCTH9au8VleVkA Cuphead announcer for regular lifebars by Creamy Ass:!NJB0jLJK!2A_8uiW5csjK-e6OPmex0ZAI8CNW6rHRi7BD01XDhEc
  11. Mr. Game & Watch Edit

    I've updated this character! Get it here:!lcQnWIBa!5VwUs1jkE1Qg-G-VCksjkxJzwuuHwfRyKgppYZYCF70 Changelog: - Oil Panic has been added! - Added new Hyper, "Down for the Count". - Added new intro. - More ending lag for strong version of Chef. - More ending lag for strong version of Helmet. - Corrected attributes of some moves. - Changed the throw variable from var(0). - Increased Judge 8's damage. - Slightly lowered the Attack stat. - Changed jump landing sound. - Added dust to Helmet. - Adjusted Mr. Game & Watch Stampede some more. - Added a CLSN1 to Anim 2626 so that the HitDef for it would work. - Added sound and EnvShake to crouching hard punch. - Added sound and explod to Hyper Key.
  12. Unlockable Characters?

    This is the only method I know...: 1. Create a password-protected .zip with the characters you want as "unlockables" and a copy of your regular select.def file that contains the "unlockables". 2. Open up system.def in the word editor of your choice and go down to where it says [Win Screen]. Make sure "enabled" is set to "1". 3. There should be a line that says "wintext.text = *insert text here*". Edit the text after the = symbol to something like the password for the .zip. Save the file. After you've done that, completing Arcade Mode with any character should give you the password to the .zip so you can extract the files to where you normally would. A bit tedious, but I'm pretty sure it works.
  13. Timmy Turner

    Commented on some of your responses. Another thing that I forgot to mention is that you only need about 1 red CLSN box for moves. Having about 5 for one move is a bit unnecessary. Anyways, can't wait to see the updates.
  14. Timmy Turner

    Feedback: - The default KFM sounds don't really fit this character. I suggest you change them. - Wanda, Cosmo, and Jorgen's sprites clash with the rest of the sprites. - Try improving the animation on some of the moves, such as the strong punches. Right now, it looks rather choppy. - Throw looks kind of weird. - Timmy suddenly changes a lot when the Fairy Blaster specials are used. - Balance out your specials so the weak and medium versions aren't just filler. - "Big Wish" doesn't do any damage if you do it up close. - Likewise, Wish 2 and Wish 3 don't do any damage if you do them up close as well. - Timmy gains back a bit of power from all of his hypers. - You should make more versions of the Cleft Glove special. There's only 1 version currently. - Cosmo & Wanda Beam does a lot of damage for a non-EX special. - Debug error when using Fairy Blaster 1. - Instead of the specials and hypers using "trigger1 = statetype = S", make them use "trigger1 = statetype != A". This makes them easier to perform. - Also, you can perform the Fairy Blaster specials while in air and on the ground...but you can't perform them while crouching? - Rather minor, but no taunt. It also gives me a debug error when I attempt to taunt.