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  1. back to school problems sigh*

    1. LegatoSkyheart


      1st world problems

  2. hey ppl, im just wondering wat mugen characters that are currently a wip and you totally want to get whenever it comes out and who started the wip (you know just BORED)
  3. didnt megaman copy onslaught's techniques in MVC1? the magnetic shockwave, i think
  4. Vexen By Deathnintendo

    this is the best Vexen I have ever seen, thanks Deathnintendo
  5. KOFXIII Skyscraper by Darek released 07/04/12

    awesome! so downloadin it
  6. Cloud Strife Released by MGSSJ2

    it may be big but is SOOOO WORTH IT!!!
  7. Cloud Strife Released by MGSSJ2

    this is the biggest Cloud file i have ever downloaded
  8. how about the ken? just askin
  9. i was gonna ask the same thing since megaupload is gone and infinitymugenteam needs to register/ login
  10. lol, looks like im actually playing the game even though im not
  11. [Hi-res] My Stages 1.0

    I love your Newage City. So many McDonald's!
  12. you know, scorpion was in every game like sub-zero except special forces, which is for me the lousiest game ever.
  13. Shao Kahn! You WILL DIE mortal!
  14. Smash Bros is probably for nintendo characters only but i still cant explain about snake and sonic, i mean they are from konami and sega respectively. Unless nintendo bought them. But it would still be very cool if they added 3rd party characters from other games, not based from real people. That is just weird and stupid if they added real celebrities to the game. They should also get rid of the imitation characters like Wolf, Ganon doesnt count as an imitation anymore (for me) so he can stay. Also Add more villains.
  15. Marvel Vs. Capcom 3