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  1. i wish my Melty blood Ikemen remix was chosen on the Grand Master Release and shop

    :4b05aba5dc134:I dont ask for mush but this one thing  


    1. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- This Looks Awesome! You Outdid Yourself Once Again, OldGamer! ^_^

  2. Hey its fun for while. but its time for me to say goodbye to MFFA.

    God bless and take care everyone


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    2. Jsh.Rnwtr


      Thanks for all your uploads man, you'll be missed.

    3. Darkflare



      I'm sorry

    4. RobotMonkeyHæd


      You, good sir, will be missed by many here, including myself.

      If you ever feel the urge to return, you know where you can find us :)
      Best wishes friend.

  3. hey buddy long time no see. I hope your doing well :)

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    2. OldGamer


      hey bro if you ever need anything from Old man just let me know . I am always here to help out if ever need assistance on mugen and support  :goodmood:

    3. OldGamer


      Almost forgot did ever seen my latest Mugen Screen Pack :haha_dunk_by_pineapple_soup-d8ryyed:





      looks like im downloading!

  4. "Im putting Screen Pack on hold Because Im having a lot of heath problem again
    Im going be spending more time at the hospital again sorry guys

    This oldman going spend more time at hospital. Once I get better I will be able to finish my project and so the Mugen Archive RED & Blue Screen pack will be put on hold until I recover again. I think wont be spending any time for Christmas while Im there at Hospital. I'm truly sorry guys but as soon I get back on my feet again I can start finish the project.Please don't worry I will be strong and try my very best to get back on track and
    for now take care everyone and god bless you all with a lot of love from the Old Gamer

    your member and Contributor
    Jame Castro

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    2. Infinite Kyo

      Infinite Kyo

      damn man i hope you get well soon 

    3. RobotMonkeyHæd


      Sorry to hear that OG, really hope you get good and well soon.
      Not sure what your taste in comedy is like, but sometimes laughter can be good medicine for the mind :)
      A few comedians def worth checking out, if you got some time with the netflix:  Louis CK, Iliza Shlesinger, Joe Rogan, Patrice O'Neal, Kevin Heart
      In the meantime, we'll miss ya!

    4. MissingLuigi


      I hope you'll get well soon.

  5. I like to make  a announcement and I like to point out to everyone that I'm working on a New Screen Pack project and I get the feeling that some of you might not like the Idea of me doing this but pretty please understand that before I join this forum. I started joining first  Mugen Fighter Guild and I join Crusader Cast second and Third was Mugen Archive way before I joined Mugen Infinity Team . My Main Home is still is Crusader Cast and My second Home is Mugen Archive. My dream was to make two screen packs for Crusader Cast and Mugen Archive.


    Everyone there we so kind to me and I never had any problem with them. After what happen with Mugen Fighter Guild and Mugen Archive Drama. One thing you guys have to understand that. Im a free lancer Creator and I don't take side of any kind. Forum Drama has nothing to do with me from the start. The only thing I want to do is create stuff for Mugen for everyone can enjoy my stuff that I make for Mugen. Please Keep your opinion to your self what ever kind of hate you may have with Mugen Archive.


    Im working fresh new design for the New Screen Pack named RED, BLUE AND PINK Mugen Archive. they going to have 90-150-250-520-750- 1000 and a Menu Roster that will Hold 8600+ slots all into one. the screen pack will have its own Intro, Game Over and Credit ending along with its own original Life Bars as well


    The Screen Pack will be release in the Mediafire Download and also Mega Limited as well in the Mugen Archive Download Data base


    This OldGamer saying God Bless You and as always Take it easy you Guys :)


  6. These are Sound FX never been used for the Crusader Cast Tournament screen Pack


  7. Hi everyone :D I release another screen pack


    1. RobotMonkeyHæd


      Oh hell yes!  
      Dude this looks fucking fantastic.

    2. OldGamer


      why thank you RMH :D

  8. Just what if M.I.C.A Screen Pack Had a 720p version ?

    will anyone even care to use it ?



  9. thank you guy for all your support dont forget that Very Danny boy and Demon kai is part of this fun project build. Aslo there a addon slot folder with in the package you cant miss it

    1. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Excellent Job on the Screenpack, Yo!

  10. MES Screen Pack is release enjoy everyone


    1. gui0007


      YEEEEEEAAAAHH!!! :twothumbsup:

    2. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Awesomeness!!

  11. There going to be a total of 20 Classic remix stages for the M.E.S Screen Pack and Here is one of them in action, I just need 8 more stage to create and The M.E.S Screen Pack will be release for everyone to enjoy. this is just a good look what the screen pack going have with the MES package :headphones:

    PS: Dont forget everyone  The MES Screen Pack will come with Mugen 1.0 and Mugen 1.1 version 

    just In case if you wanted to know :rightyouareplz:


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    2. Galvatron


      Awesome! Stuff OG! :-)

    3. OldGamer


      thanks guys I just need 8 more stage to make and she be ready to be release


    4. Superkingkong65
  12. Okay everyone here the final Preview of My Screen Pack. This Demonstration will show you the huge version of the M.E.S Screen Pack and also Show the rest of the life bars for the Sumil Mode and the Turns Mode :D



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    2. OldGamer


      Thank you CoolAnimeHustler.At first  I wanted to make a Mugen Screen Pack Base on Arcade Collection  but I had a lot problem with the ram issue and so what I did was I had try to reduce size and change it up at first but the problem its look so terrible that's when I had to Banned the Project for Mugen Arcade Collection. I ts really broke my hear that the Mugen Arcade Collect had so many issue and and its did not work at all, But that when My good friend DemonKai and Dannie came to me. Said Why did banned Mugen Arcade Collection, and I did explain to them that the screen pack giving a MASSIVE OVERHALL ran of 1,3BG when loading and that why I scrap the Project. but then Demon kai came to me with a stages Idea on making a remix version of Bionic Commando Stage. that when Dannie said WOULD BE awesome if we had Mugen Arcade Collection to be more like the Old Nintendo Console but in mugen theme and right there was the new beginning for the M.E.S project. So we had long long discussion on who we make this happen. and BOOM there you have it XD haha 

    3. sonikun


      Looking great, mate.

    4. Anastasia


      That looks amazing and fabulous as always OldGamer. I love the way the screenpack looks plus the animations in it. Very smooth and flows. I'll give you five stars on that one, looks good as always!!!

      Gladiolus Amicitia x Anastasia~


  13. Mugen Entertainment System Screen Pack Coming Soon


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    2. OldGamer


      thank you guys I been bustting my butt for this. and was an epic and cray project. And  also got a backup for the mugen fans like to collect characters as well here the 323 slot version



    3. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Sweet! Your Doing a Great Job, Yo!

    4. Galvatron
  14. By the MFFA is being slow again not as bad but still its need to be more stable :confuse:

    1. OldGamer


      you know slow but not fast but slow :dead:

    2. gui0007


      LOL! XD
      Well, it works well for me. :P

    3. Galvatron


       it work fine for me, but i guess for some of us its a problem (especially those that has slow internet connections)...

  15. My avart is gone my display page is gone and I cant get to anyone of the topic I hope this get fix real soon XD and all the topic and section are all Blank pages

    1. Flowrellik


      well, the reason for this is because they restored MFFA backed to an older date. idk how or why but it got crashed somehow. They should be looking in on this

    2. TotalDramaXtremist


      Ryon noted that this issue won't be resolved until RMH upgrades the Creation Suite.....

    3. PlasmoidThunder


      You can fix your avatar by uploading a new one.

  16. hope everyone enjoy my creation for Blue mugen. I always wanted to remake it base off my very first edit the low res blue mugen that was made two years ago. And I pray that my video guide will help everyone to make there own edit roster for the New Open Source of My Blue Mugen Screen Pack. :D

    1. Ryon


      This is gonna sound stupid but I tried to look for your topic but I can't find it, can you give me a link so I can check out your screenpack?

    2. OldGamer


      sure thing Ryon here you go buddy


  17. This old man been thinking and I always wonder if there anyone here in the MFFA Community is An expert on Emulators. I like the Grand Master of all Masters of understanding all kinds of Emulators software :o and they  look at them as child plays things :O

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    2. OldGamer


      do you have any knowledge about this emulator ? http://mednafen.fobby.net/


    3. Flowrellik


      not fully but I understand it can play multiple game formats.

    4. OldGamer


      yeah like NEC PC FX I could never understood how this emu work because I found this awesome guide about how to rip images with it


  18. Happy Birthday! GUI :OhYeah:

    1. gui0007


      Thanks OG! :D

  19. This old timer had learn so mush for the past year by my self. I learn by many other great creators by Vegaz, Demon Kai , Electro and many other I come across. this old man love making mugen stuff for fun. I don't seek popularity of any kind. My attention for mugen community is to help out as mush I can when come to stage coding and screen pack and more. I like give thanks to are lord Jesus Christ and give thanks for everything. God bless everyone including mugen creators and mugen fans alike.

  20. still working on my unfinished screen pack and also working on My Power Instinct stages. Also God bless everyone :D

    1. Galvatron


      Cool! and thank you! :-)

    2. Masochist Zio

      Masochist Zio

      that's fuckin' great to hear.

  21. Hi everyone :D and nice to meet you :D

    1. SSBK65


      You made some wonderful stages OG, I was looking for that SS town stage, and you had it, your other stages are great too. Thank you for the conversions.

    2. OldGamer


      Im glad you like it buddy :)